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Girl Scouts from Troop 9019 and 4198 at a STEM event.

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)

From performing mind-boggling experiments to participating in innovative technology workshops, STEM activities give Girl Scouts a hands-on opportunity to learn about new and emerging fields.

Why STEM for girls?

According to The Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI):

  • Girls like STEM! 74% of teen girls surveyed expressed interested in STEM. They were especially drawn to aspects such as understanding how things work, problem-solving, doing hands-on activities, and asking questions.
  • There is a gap between STEM interest and career choice. While 81% of girls interested in STEM considered it a possible career, only 13% ranked it their first choice.
  • Interest comes from exposure. Of girls who expressed interest in STEM fields, over half knew a woman in a STEM career. The majority of girls who did NOT express interest in STEM said they knew more about other careers than they did about those in STEM fields.

Explore STEM in New York City!

The Girl Scouts of Greater New York hosts troops for special, hands-on activities at STEM institutions throughout the year. Recent sites have included the New York Hall of Science and the National Museum of Mathematics. Check out our virtual programs to learn more!