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Girl Scouts from Troop 9019 and 4198 at a STEM event.

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)

Girl Scouts of Greater New York's STEM programs provide opportunities for Girl Scouts of every level to engage in innovative experiences relevant to emerging fields such as robotics, coding, and cybersecurity. Girl Scouts will learn new skills, connect with STEM professionals, and share their knowledge to make the world a better place.

We offer staff-led programs throughout the year, as well as troop and independent experiences supported with content created by our STEM team that can be completed in person or virtually. 

For the 2022 - 2023 membership year, we hope to offer some of our special, open-to-all events, such as the STEM Expo and museum days, as long as CDC recommendations allow.


  • Girls like STEM! 74% of teen girls surveyed expressed an interest in STEM. They were especially drawn to aspects such as understanding how things work, problem-solving, doing hands-on activities, and asking questions (Girl Scout Research Institute 2016).
  • Girls are good at STEM! High school girls take science & math classes at the same rate as boys and earn higher grades (AAUW 2020).
  • Stereotypes, unsupportive learning environments, and lack of opportunity are discouraging girls from studying STEM in college and pursuing STEM careers (AAUW 2020). Women only make up 27% of all STEM workers in the US. This gender gap is even larger when it comes to computer science (25% women) and engineering (15% women), two of the highest-paid and fastest-growing STEM fields (US Census Bureau 2019).

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