Forms and Documents
Forms and Documents
Policy & Procedure: 6 Available
  1. Detailed information about running your troop
  2. Signed commitment to troop leader responsibilities
  3. How to choose the right meeting place for your troop
  4. Do's and don'ts for troop fundraising efforts
  5. A comprehensive guide to troop leader responsibilities
  6. How to engage and advance the Girl Scouts mission
Troop Management: 6 Available
  1. For tracking troop meeting attendance annually
  2. Consent to being photographed and/or filmed
  3. Consent to being photographed and/or filmed
  4. Application for non-Cookie Program fundraising
  5. Agreement to provide a meeting space for a troop
  6. Keep track of troop dues (optional)
Health & Safety: 6 Available
  1. Safety guidelines for Girl Scout activities
  2. An overview of Safety Activity Checkpoints
  3. For tracking contact info in case of COVID-19 exposure
  4. A commitment to use online platforms safely
  5. To share with parents/caregivers of Girl Scouts
  6. To share with parents/caregivers of Girl Scouts
Diversity & Inclusion: 4 Available
  1. To share with parents/caregivers of Girl Scouts
  2. A guide to understanding and responding to trauma
  3. A guide for talking about disability
  4. A brief guide to inclusive communication
Travel: 5 Available
  1. Apply to take your troop on overnight trips
  2. A Girl Scout is always prepared!
  3. To be completed by parents/caregivers prior to trips
  4. To share with parents/caregivers prior to trips
  5. Permiso del adulto para viaje/actividad de la tropa
More Resources: 5 Available
  1. Download, print, and share!
  2. A guide to getting started
  3. A how-to guide for registering new members
  4. Suggestions for best practices online
  5. Keeping Girl Scouts centered in troop decision making
Accident/Injury & Incident Reports: 2 Available
  1. Inform Council of any injury incurred at a GS event
  2. Inform Council of incident that occured at a GS event
Service Unit Resources: 7 Available
  1. Agenda suggestions for monthly meetings
  2. Download, print, and share!
  3. Download, print, and share!
  4. A how-to guide for registering new members
  5. Download, print, and share!
  6. A how-to guide to help you meet outreach goals
  7. A guide for engaging Girl Scout families
For Parents & Families
For Parents & Families

Forms and documents to be filled out by Girl Scout caregivers.

For Cookie Season
For Cookie Season

Access essential documents, including permission slips and troop bank account forms, to help you have the best Cookie Season yet!