Diversity & Inclusion

True North EDI

To help lead our equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) efforts, GSGNY has partnered with True North EDI, a Black-owned professional development firm, founded on the belief that institutional change can only happen through deep reflection on the ways identity, history, and power intersect and impact our lives. Through workshops, coaching, and consulting, True North EDI supports the development of practices, policies, and cultures where historically marginalized communities can thrive. Learn more >

Girl Scouts for All

Girl Scouts for All is a GSGNY program designed to welcome and support members with physical, developmental, cognitive, intellectual, and/or sensory disabilities, while building community awareness and skills around accessibility. The core piece of Girl Scouts for All is our Unique Abilities Troops, which are open to all Girl Scouts, and specifically encourage the inclusion of members with disabilities, learning differences, and/or accommodation requests. Learn more >

Troop 6000

Troop 6000 is a GSGNY program designed to serve young people living in temporary housing. Each week, Girl Scouts meet in shelters across the city to take part in activities that help them make new friends, earn badges, and learn to see themselves as leaders. As a permanent fixture of the program, GSGNY also established the Troop 6000 Transition Initiative, which supports Girl Scouts and their families as they transition to permanent housing. Learn more >

Financial Aid

In order to ensure our programming is accessible to Girl Scouts of all socio-economic backgrounds, financial aid is available for annual membership fees, Camp Kaufmann costs, and many of our other events and programs. For more information, please reach out to customercare@girlscoutsnyc.org.