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Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards


The highest awards in Girl Scouting

Girl Scouting invests in girls. We do this in so many ways but, by far, one of our most popular and cherished is our Awards program.

Through the program, we give girls unique opportunities to develop themselves by using their creativity, talent and compassion to reach out to others in need, both locally and globally.

Our GoldSilver, and Bronze Awards are the currency of this investment, representing your chance to make a difference for people in areas such as social services, healthcare, education, and any number of other arenas.

These awards are the highest honors Girl Scouts can receive, but just by working toward one of these awards is often rewarding enough. You can begin to know yourself better and realize what you’re capable of doing, explore the world and connect with others and your community on deeper levels, and, ultimately, bring hope where often there is none.