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Fun is always in season at Camp Kaufmann!

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About Camp Kaufmann

Located 75 miles north of New York City in Dutchess County, Camp Kaufmann stretches over 425 acres and features a lake, an archery range, a pool, hiking trails, a frog pond, a butterfly garden, an organic garden and greenhouse, and rope challenge courses.

Each year, our camp welcomes more than 5,000 New York City Girl Scouts. A distinguishing feature of Camp Kaufmann is that it brings together girls from diverse backgrounds –  some of which have never left their own borough, let alone experienced camp. Camp Kaufmann is owned and operated by the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, and is fully accredited by the American Camp Association.

"At camp I learned that you can be who you want to be and you don’t have to follow other people all the time" – Brownie Girl Scout

Come to Camp Kaufmann

There are lots of ways for you and girls to enjoy the outdoors. No matter the length of your experience, girls will certainly benefit from it. They can try new things, build team-building skills, meet new friends, feel a connection to the natural world, and enjoy the fresh air.

Living in an amazing city like New York can provide so many unique opportunities, but sometimes you need to break out of the concrete jungle and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors.

Click below to explore the different opportunities to come to Camp Kaufmann. Whether you’re interested in a Day Trip, Summer Sleep Away Camp, or everything in between, Camp Kaufmann has something for every girl!

Troop Camping

Troop Camping is a weekend experience for up to 72 hours in duration, planned and carried out by a troop at camp. The troop leaders reserve housing at camp, plan for meals (buys, brings or orders her food) and plans all activities on their own (bringing their own supplies). Arrival window time on Fridays is between 5pm – 10pm and departure time is on Sunday at 10:00am.

Adults attending will need to ensure they are at the Girl Scout ratio and meet the necessary Camp Certifications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Troop Camping has a 3 outdoor classroom maximum per unit.  Outdoor Classroom requests must be submitted 30 days prior to your camping weekend. They are approved by the Camp Director two weeks prior to your camping trip, which will include a designated time slot available. There is limited availability and Outdoor Classroom booking depends on certified staff availability and weather. Troops are grouped together to meet a minimum ratio and for Girl Scout troops to get to know new Girl Scout friends.

Theme Weekends

Theme Weekends are for Girl Scouts of all ages and their troop leaders. Meals and programming are provided by camp staff.

Theme weekends are a great opportunity to come to camp in a smaller group, while still given the opportunity to bond with sister Girl Scouts. Girls will earn badges, explore camp, and more! Girls sign up for these events individually (not per troop). Troops are welcome to come, however girls will still need to be registered in an individual basis.

Adults attending will need to ensure they are at the Girl Scout ratio and meet the necessary Camp Certifications.

Day Trips

Day trips provide Girl Scouts to opportunity to visit camp for the day and earn outdoor themed badges while enjoying everything Camp Kaufmann has to offer. Day Trips are $35 per person and run from 10am – 4pm. Girls sign up for these events individually (not per troop). Troops are welcome to come, however girls will still need to be registered on an individual basis.

Adults must also purchase a ticket for these events, however no certifications are required to attend day trips. Groups coming must meet the Girl Scout ratios. All day trips include lunch, an afternoon snack, all badge materials, and a fun patch.

Summer Sleep Away Camp

Summer Sleep Away Camp is all about making everlasting memories with new friends! In the past we offered weekend experiences for girls and their caregivers. However, research has shown that girls who participate in a sleepaway program rather than a weekend program report more opportunities to become a leader, show a greater sense of self, and are more willing to take on a challenge*.

Campers in grades 2 – 12 have the opportunity to select themed programs that range from 3 days to 2 weeks. Our program gives girls the chance to try new things in a safe and supportive community. There is a special magic that exists in the woods and in building camp traditions. Campers will earn badges and enjoy camp amenities such as:

  • Ziplining*
  • High ropes course*
  • Low ropes course
  • Swimming in the pool
  • Row boating on Lake Carola
  • Canoeing on Lake Carola
  • Archery*
  • Theater & performing arts pavilion
  • Campfires and s’mores
  • Vegetable garden
  • Butterfly garden
  • Frog pond
  • Environmental science activities
  • Hiking trails
  • Basketball court
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Gaga pit
  • Stargazing

*Available for Juniors and up

All of this is a part of an amazing summer experience at Camp Kaufmann. We hope you join us in giving girls a variety of experiences that acclimate them to the natural world.

Camp Kaufmann will have 8 weeks of summer camp for girls to choose from. We are located just shy of 2 hours from NYC and are accessible by car and Metro North. We will also have a bussing option available. Campers arrive at 3pm Sunday and depart at 3pm Friday.

*More Than S'mores: Successes and Surprises in Girl Scouts' Outdoor Experiences (2014)

Summer Sleep Away Camp Sessions
Brownie Programs:

Brownies will stay in the lake house units which have a large bunk room for girls, separate rooms for counselors, and two bathrooms with showers inside the building.

Fun in the Sun – Enjoy the sunshine, create awesome arts and crafts project, roast marshmallows over the campfire, take a dip in the pool and make new friends at camp this summer! This is the perfect opportunity for Brownies to come explore the world of sleepaway camp!

Badge earned: Brownie Trail Adventure
Dates: July 5 – 10
Cost: $600

Brownie Sampler – Are you excited to see what camp is all about? Give it a try during this three day mini-session! Brownies will participate in camp activities like boating, fishing, hiking and singing. Try new things and gain new outdoor skills and start your journey towards becoming a camping pro.

Badge earned: Hiker
Dates: July 22 – 24
Cost: $300

Artrageous – Try out different ways of making art. Use unusual materials to paint, make a sculpture out of clay, illustrate your own story and learn how to use a knitting loom. Brownies will get to do all their favorite camp activities in addition to spending extra time as artists.

Badge earned: Outdoor Art Creator
Dates: July 26 – 31
Cost: $600

Fairies, Flowers, and Butterflies – Brownies will learn about the connections that all living things have on each other during this camp session. From keeping our gardens healthy so they can provide a space for butterflies to visiting building homes for the magical fairies that make camp so special, everything deserves the love and attention of a Brownie!

Badge earned: Bugs
Dates: August 2 – 7
Cost: $600

Junior Programs:

Trekker - Explore the outdoors by foot during this hiking-based session. In addition to their favorite activities around camp, Juniors will head out of camp on three different days to hike on nearby trails.

Badge earned: Junior Trail Adventure
Dates: July 5 – 17
Cost: $1,300

Let it Fly - It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a rocket! Juniors will turn their eyes to the skies to learn all about the world of things that fly. Make kites, build a hot air balloon, find shapes in the clouds and race paper airplanes. Learn about engineering, the natural world, and outer space during this session perfect for all innovators!

Badge earned: Space Science Investigator
Dates: July 5 – 17
Cost: $1,300

Animal Lover - This session is perfect for any Junior who loves animals! Learn about and observe animals, build an animal home, and get a chance to meet all sorts of fun critters. This is a mini session, so it’s also a great introduction to camp for anyone who may not be ready to commit to a full week.

Badge earned: Animal Habitats
Dates: July 22 – 24
Cost: $300

Splish Splash - Paddle the day away in rowboats and canoes on Lake Carola, take a jump off the diving board, play water games in the field and get extra time in the pool! This session is perfect for any Junior who loves to spend time in and around water. Not a swimmer? That’s ok! Part of each day will be spent learning new skills with our certified water safety instructors!

Badge earned: Paddle Boat Design Challenge
Dates: July 26 – 31
Cost: $600

Cast Iron Chef - From pie iron pizzas to dutch oven brownies, pancakes cooked on a can to foil packet dinners, the possibilities for food made outside are endless! Plan and cook meals using all sort of outdoor cooking techniques. Create your own recipes, try foods from around the world, and enjoy the unique taste of goodies made over a campfire.

Badge earned: Simple Meals
Dates: July 22 – 31
Cost: $1,000

Design Divas – For all our problem-solvers and innovators out there, this session allows Juniors to learn about the process of design. An idea from one person starts the creation of a new item, which in return solves a problem. Whether it’s a solution for crowded subways or a way to reduce plastic use in packaging, girls will find creative solutions to real world issues!

Badge earned: Product Designer
Dates: August 2 – 14
Cost: $1,300

Survivor – If your girl has ever wondered what they would do in a zombie apocalypse, join us for this session and learn how to be a survivor! Practice primitive skills like fire building, making a shelter, knot tying, and even fishing. Study the tracks of animals to figure out what direction they are going in and navigate through camp using a map and compass. By the time she has completed this session, you will know that you are a survivor!

Badge earned: Camper
Dates: August 2 – 14
Cost: $1,300

Cadette Programs:

Magic for Muggles - Grab your wands, broomsticks, and robes for this magical session of camp. Don’t have those items? No problem, we will make them at camp! Play a game of Quidditch in our field, study herbology in the garden, and make potions over the campfire. Whether you’re brave, loyal, wise, cunning, or a mixture of them all, you are welcome to be a part of this spellbinding session.

Badge earned: Night Owl
Dates: July 5 – 17
Cost: $1,300

Trailblazers – If your girl is looking for a new challenge, this session is an excellent opportunity! Cadettes will participate in traditional camp activities with a focus on learning outdoor skills. They will head out three different times during their two weeks to spend a full day hiking and exploring nearby trails.

Badge earned: Cadette Trail Adventure
Dates: July 5 – 17
Cost: $1,300

Hit the Stage - Singers, actors, dancers, and entertainers of all kinds will hit the stage during this theatre themed session. Cadettes will work together on a show that will be performed for the whole camp! Whether you consider yourself a drama queen or have always wanted to see what it’s like to be on stage, this is your chance!

Badge earned: Public Speaker
Dates: July 22 – 31
Cost: $1,000

Full STEAM Ahead - Build, create, beautify, and improve camp through the power of STEAM! Using concepts from science, technology, engineering, art and math, Cadettes will work with hand tools and lumber to design and assemble a project that will help make Camp Kaufmann a better place.

Badge earned: Woodworker
Dates: July 22 – 31
Cost: $1,000

Jr. Lifeguard - If you love to swim and have considered the possibility of becoming a lifeguard, this program is for you! Girls will spend time in the pool improving their swimming skills and practicing techniques used by lifeguards to keep people safe in the pool. By the end of the session, campers will have earned their American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification.

Badge earned: Cadette First Aid  
NOTE: Campers must be able to swim at least two full laps of the pool to be eligible for this program.
Dates: August 2 – 17
Cost: $1,300

Rocks and Ropes - Work your way through our teambuilding progression. Start with games and initiatives on the ground then move up to challenges on our low ropes course before taking on our rock-climbing wall, high ropes circuit, and zipline! This session will also involve a field trip off site to try out even more advanced climbing skills.

Badge earned: Cadette Climbing Adventure
Dates: August 2 – 14
Cost: $1,300

Senior/Ambassador Programs

Lifeguard in Training (LIT) - Earn your American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification while enjoying the fun of being at camp! During the course of this session, girls ages 15 and up will have the opportunity to complete the full requirements of becoming a certified lifeguard. When not focused on the curriculum, there will be plenty of time to enjoy boating, hiking, arts and crafts, and other camp favorites!

Badge earned: Senior or Ambassador First Aid
NOTE: LITs 16 and older will be able to apply to continue the remainder of the summer as a paid employee at camp.
Dates: July 5 – 17
Cost: $1,300

Counselor in Training (CIT) Intensive - If you are interested in participating in our year-round CIT program, this is the place to start! Begin with learning the ins and outs of working with children, teaching in the outdoors, and improving your own outdoor skills. CITs will also have the chance to work with younger groups while they are here!

Award earned: CIT pin
NOTE: CITs 16 and older will be able to apply to continue the remainder of the summer as a paid employee at camp.
Dates: July 5 – 17
Cost: $1,300

Go Your Own Way - Design your own camp experience during this girl-led session. Seniors and Ambassadors will work together to create their own schedule for their time at camp. Whether it’s camping out under the stars or sipping smoothies by the lake, riding the zipline or painting a mural, the possibilities are endless! During their time at camp girls will also be able to start working towards their Gold Award by completing at least one Journey and working to come up with a project plan.

Journey earned: Sow What or Justice
Dates: July 22 – 31
Cost: $1,000

Day Trippers – Spend some of your days exploring and enjoying everything that Camp Kaufmann has to offer and spend other days taking advantage of local attractions!

Badge earned: Sky or Water
Dates: August 2 – 14
Cost: $1,300    


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