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Camp Kaufmann

From left to right: A girl wearing a unicorn mask and a "Camp Life" shirt, a girl wearing a pink tie dye shirt and smiling, and a Girl Scout from troop 4415 smiling and looking at her friend.

Fun is always in season at Camp Kaufmann!

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Camp Kaufmann is open July-August for Summer Troop and Family Camping! Enjoy safe and fun overnight visits or themed day trips. Meals, fun patches, campfire time, and s’mores are included for all experiences.

About Camp Kaufmann

Located 75 miles north of NYC in Dutchess County, Camp Kaufmann stretches over 425 acres and features a lake, archery range, pool, hiking trails, frog pond, butterfly garden, organic garden and greenhouse, and rope challenge courses. Each year, our camp welcomes over 5,000 New York City Girl Scouts from diverse backgrounds, some of whom have never left their own borough, for a unique and immersive experience.

Camp Kaufmann is owned and operated by the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, and is fully accredited by the American Camp Association.

"At camp, I learned that you can be who you want to be and you don’t have to follow other people all the time" – Brownie Girl Scout

Visit Camp Kaufmann

No matter the length of your visit, you're sure to enjoy the benefits of meeting new friends, learning new skills, and feeling connected to nature. Explore our various camp offerings below!

Summer 2021 Information

We are excited to be reopening Camp Kaufmann after over a year of being closed. Here is some important information.  

  • Registration is open: Click here to register for camp.
  • Camp Office Hours: If you would like assistance with registration or have any questions, feel free to attend open office hours with the Camp Registrar every Monday through July from 3pm - 4pm. Use this information to connect:
    • Click here to join via Zoom.
    • Meeting ID: 963 3575 6734 
    • Passcode: camp
  • Dates: Camp Kaufmann will be open from July 6 through August 15 for Overnight Camping and Day Trips for families and troops. (Adults and children ages 4+ are welcome).
  • Urban Day Camp: Urban Day Camp is under renovation and will not be held this year.
  • Any other questions? Email or check out our FAQs!

Watch our Camp Kaufmann Summer 2021 Webinar to learn more!

Family Overnight Camping
  • Family Camping is a two-night experience, available every Friday – Sunday from July 9 to August 15, for parties of up to 10. It follows this schedule:
    • Day 1: Arrive between 5 pm – 7 pm 
    • Day 2: Camp programming
    • Day 3: Depart camp between 11 am – 12 pm
  • Family Camping is a customizable experience. Enjoy optional self-guided activities, and choose up to three staff-led activities.
    • Staff-led Activities: Fishing, Boating, Swimming, Archery, Wall-Climbing, Survival Skills
    • Self-guided Activities: Hiking, Sports, Playground, Arts & Crafts, Board Games, Gardening, Badge Help, and Activity Kits (Bugs, Birds, Trees, and Compasses)
  • Housing: we will be using 5 outdoor units (Ohrbach, Cedar Knoll, Eleanor Edson, Forest Haven, Journey’s End). There will be two families per unit with a maximum family size of 6, 8, or 10, depending on the unit​. Each family will have assigned bathroom and shower stalls according to family​, as well as plenty of cleaning supplies in the unit!
Family Overnight Camping Cost

Family Camping costs are below. Spaces are rented for a flat fee, not on a per person basis. This means that if you were to choose Cedar Knoll A, the cost would be $600 whether you have 4 people or 6 people. 

Unit Max Capacity Cabin Cost (No Add-Ons) 1 Activity Add-On 2 Activity Add-Ons 3 Activity Add-Ons
Cedar Knoll A 6 $600 $660 $720 $780
Cedar Knoll B 6 $600 $660 $720 $780
Ohrbach A 8 $800 $880 $960 $1,040
Ohrbach B 10 $1,000 $1,100 $1,200 $1,300
Eleanor Edson A 10 $1,000 $1,100 $1,200 $1,300
Eleanor Edson B 10 $1,000 $1,100 $1,200 $1,300
Forest Haven A 8 $800 $880 $960 $1,040
Forest Haven B 10 $1,000 $1,100 $1,200 $1,300
Journey's End A 6 $600 $660 $720 $780
Journey's End B 6 $600 $660 $720 $780
Example Overnight Schedule
Friday, Day 1:

·       5 – 7pm: Arrive at Camp

·       7pm: Dinner

·       8pm: Orientation

·       9pm: Campfire

·       10pm: Quiet Time

Saturday, Day 2:

·       8am: Breakfast

·       9 – 10:30am: Archery

·       10:30 – 12pm: Self-Guided Activities

·       12 – 1pm: Lunch

·       1 – 3pm: Pool Time

·       3 – 6pm: Self-Guided Activities

·       6 – 7pm: Dinner

·       7 – 9pm: Nighttime activities and Night Hike

·       9 – 10pm: Get Ready for Bed

·       10pm: Lights Out

Sunday, Day 3:

·       8 – 9am: Breakfast

·       9 – 11am: Pack and Clean Up Unit

·       11am: Leave Camp

Summer Troop Camping
  • Summer Troop Camping is available every Friday – Sunday from July 9 to August 15.
  • Summer Troop Camping will operate the same as Summer Family Camping and Day Trips, except Girl Scouts may visit as a troop rather than as family units.
  • Prices are the same for troops as they are for families.
  • Troops must follow all standard Girl Scout trip rules:
    •  If staying overnight, a member of your group must be trained in Overnight Adventures and Beyond. (Great Outdoors Training is not necessary).
    • Groups will need someone with first aid certification for the travel time, but not at camp as we will have coverage at camp.
    • Day trips do not require certifications.
    • Troops must follow all GSGNY rules about troop overnight trips.
  • Summer Troop Camping is a customizable experience. Troops can choose up to three staff-led activities and enjoy optional self-guided activities.
  • Troops can choose from 2-3 outdoor units. Families may rent out the other units. Troops and families will not share units.
  • Troops may also sign up for Day Trips! All rules about troop trips must be followed. If you would like to sign up for these, list yourself as the Head of Household and troop members as children during the registration process. 
  • All meals and snacks will be provided.
Day Trips
  • Day trips provide Girl Scouts the opportunity to visit camp for the day while enjoying everything Camp Kaufmann has to offer. Day Trips are $60 per person and run from 10am – 4pm. This year, day trips will be an experience for the whole family, ages 4+! Children must be accompanied by an adult in their household. 
  • All day trips include staff-led activities, lunch, an afternoon snack, pool time, and a fun patch.
  • Day trip themes are: Water, Adventure, Nature, Service, Arts and Crafts, and STEM
  • Day trips are offered on the below schedule. (NOTE: No offerings on Thursdays or Saturdays). 


Monday ​

Tuesday ​


Friday ​

July 11​

July 5​

July 6 ​

July 7​

July 9 ​


Water ​


July 18​

July 12 ​

July 13​

July 14​

July 16​




July 25​

July 19​

July 20​

July 21​

July 23​




August 1​

July 26​

July 27​

July 28​

July 30​

Highest Awards Day​


Leadership Institute Day​

August 8

August 2

August 3

August 4

August 6






August 15

August 9

August 10

August 11

August 13





STEM Cybersecurity Day

Theme Weekends
Theme weekends are not offered for summer 2021. Theme Weekend Updates will be available in September!  We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines.

Theme Weekends are for Girl Scouts of all ages and their troop leaders. Meals and programming are provided by camp staff.

Theme weekends are a great opportunity to come to camp in a smaller group, while still given the opportunity to bond with sister Girl Scouts. Girls will earn badges, explore camp, and more! Girls sign up for these events individually (not per troop). Troops are welcome to come, however girls will still need to be registered in an individual basis.

Adults attending will need to ensure they are at the Girl Scout ratio and meet the necessary Camp Certifications.

Summer Sleep Away Camp
Our traditional Girl Scout only sleepaway camp program will not run in 2021. Keep an eye out for information on Summer 2022, coming in early January!

Summer Sleep Away Camp is all about making everlasting memories with new friends! In the past we offered weekend experiences for girls and their caregivers. However, research has shown that girls who participate in a sleepaway program rather than a weekend program report more opportunities to become a leader, show a greater sense of self, and are more willing to take on a challenge*.

Campers in grades 2 – 12 have the opportunity to select themed programs that range from 3 days to 2 weeks. Our program gives girls the chance to try new things in a safe and supportive community. There is a special magic that exists in the woods and in building camp traditions. Campers will earn badges and enjoy camp amenities such as:

  • Ziplining*
  • High ropes course*
  • Low ropes course
  • Swimming in the pool
  • Row boating on Lake Carola
  • Canoeing on Lake Carola
  • Archery*
  • Theater & performing arts pavilion
  • Campfires and s’mores
  • Vegetable garden
  • Butterfly garden
  • Frog pond
  • Environmental science activities
  • Hiking trails
  • Basketball court
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Stargazing

*Available for Juniors and up

All of this is a part of an amazing summer experience at Camp Kaufmann. We hope you join us in giving girls a variety of experiences that acclimate them to the natural world.

*More Than S'mores: Successes and Surprises in Girl Scouts' Outdoor Experiences (2014)


Camp Kaufmann was established in June 1959, however the history of the property started before then. Below is a timeline of events of Camp Kaufmann

  • 1920s: Harriet Dyer Price Phipps becomes a young troop leader, who was good friends with Juliette Gordon Lowe. She had a legendary dedication to the Girl Scouts in NYC, and even wore her Girl Scout uniform to buy a wedding gift at the Cartier Mansion!
  • Phipps called several acquaintances, including John D. Rockefeller Jr – a philanthropist, to see if he would be interested in funding a camp for the Girl Scouts.
  • In order to help fund the camp, Phipps proposed the Scouts sell cookies.
  • In July 1956, the 128 acre property was purchased for $40,000 with the help of the gift from Rockefeller, cookies sales, and other donors.
  • The land Rockefeller donated at the time was called “Camp Merrywood”. The property had a farmhouse and chicken coop. The name would eventually change to Camp Kaufmann.
  • June 1959: Camp Kaufmann was officially established. Nearly 300 people attended the ceremony where women were while cheered when making a campfire out of birch logs.
  • As time went on, the camp expanded to three times its original size. Currently camp is 425 acres.
  • Camp Kaufmann changed its name to honor Henry Kaufmann, a Pittsburgh department store heir who donated millions to create many camps in the New York City region 

For more information, please contact