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Online Forms

Accident Report

This form is to be used to report any injury or accident. If a Mutual of Omaha claim form is needed, please contact Nefateemia Massey.

Incident Report

This form is to be used to report incidents that occurs during any troop activity and/or Girl Scout trips. File an Accident-Injury Report Form if any injury occurred.

Free Subway Pass

The New York City Department of Youth Services (DYCD) in collaboration with the New York City Transit (MTA) administers the Free Group Subway Transportation Program. Girl Scouts of Greater New York is happy to offer these services to your troop.

Additional Insurance

To request Additional Insurance, please complete the Troop Trip and Insurance Application. If you have any questions about the application, please contact Customer Care.

Trip Application

Please remember to take permission slips, the Girl Health History Record and Accident Insurance Claim forms, and a first aid kit on all trips. All Trip Applications are available through the link included below.

Virtual Troop Incident Report

Thank you for your responsibility and diligence in completing this form after an incident has occurred during a virtual Troop meeting.

Incidents can include but are not limited to sudden changes in troop leadership, personal conflict, security breech, agreement violation, questions of liability, inappropriate content shared, etc.