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Cookie Training Videos

Get your cookie knowledge in Thin Mint condition!

Want to know about all the benefits of selling Girl Scout Cookies? Looking for selling tips? Get up to speed with the videos below! 

Cookies 101

Cookie basics for parents and guardians 

Family Glossary

Cookie terms for parents and guardians

Cookies 201

Cookie information for Troop Leaders, Cookie Managers, and other Volunteers 

Glossary 201

Cookie terms for Troop Leaders, Cookie Managers, and other Volunteers

Digital Cookie 101

Digital Cookie info for everyone

Booths and Cupboards

Learn about Cookie Booths and Cupboards.

Inputting Your Initial Order

Learn how to input your initial order.

Who's Who

A look at who's who in the Cookie Program 

How to Allocate

Use the eBudde system to give a Girl Scout credit for all the cookies they have sold, ensuring they receive the rewards they earned!

How to Reconcile "Cookies-in-Hand" Credit Card Payments

Learn how to properly allocate cookies sold at booth sales or other in-person instances.