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Resources for Volunteers

Cookie Resources for Volunteers

Earning cookie pins and badges can help your troop focus on developing essential skills as they participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program®. Check out some great resources for activities and badges that can help bring more meaning to her cookie business.

Cookie Training Videos

Cookies 201
Glossary for Volunteers
Who's Who?
Cookie Booths and Cupboards
Cookie Allocation

Return to Council Forms

Forms to be returned to Council are needed for your girl and/or troop to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Please review and complete the relevant forms listed below and return the fillable forms as listed within the document.

  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) (PDF) – Every troop must fill out a NEW ACH form for the 2021 Cookie Season. This form is used to sweep and credit rebates.
  • Cookie Delivery (required if you want home delivery) (Online) – Every troop that wants a home delivery (75 cases minimum) for Cookie Season 2021 MUST fill out our Cookie Delivery form by January 8, 2021.
  • Troop Cookie Manager Agreement (Online) – An agreement to be filled out by the adult volunteer responsible for cookies in your troop.
  • Rewards Opt-Out (PDF) – If your troop would like to forego physical rewards in favor of an additional 5 cents per package of cookies, please complete the Rewards Opt-Out by February 2, 2021.
  • Add a Girl to e-Budde (Online) – If your troop is missing any girls, please complete the Add a Girl to e-Budde form and we will add her in to your troop as soon as possible.
  • Forms/Documents for Girls:
    • Permission Slip (required for every girl) (PDF) – Allows a girl(s) to participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
    • Cookie Sheets (Coming Soon!)

Cookie Program Booklets and Handouts

Troop Cookie Manager Manual

For more information, please email Customer Care.