Cookie Resources

Looking for more information about our cookie selling policies, booth sale info, and cookie cupboard procedures? You’ve come to the right place!  

Girl Scout Cookie information

Troop materials: cookie manual

Click here to download the complete 2016-2017 Cookie Program Manual. 

Troop materials: other

2017 Booth Sales

Digital Cookie 3.0

Post-sale: catch-up and cupboards

Bronx cupboards:
Eleanor Gray
Katrina Smith
Brooklyn cupboards:
Evelina Rhodes
Jesuina Hairston
Keisha Wills
Stephanie Chavous

Elizabeth Atkins

Queens cupboards:
Caterina Iacovano
Florence Buckley
Iris Allen
Staten Island cupboards
Betty Brandt
Carol Obler
Jane Dennis

Web resources

Click here to visit the Little Brownie Bakers website, where you can download cookie recipes, play games, review selling tips and much, much more.