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Girl Scouts of Greater New York Leadership Center

40 Wall Street, Suite 708
New York, NY 10005
Phone: 212.645.4000
Fax: 212.645.4599 

Office hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-5:30pm
Friday: 8:30am-1pm (through September 1, 2017)

If you wish to visit us, please let us know 24 hours in advance.

Chief Executive Officer

Barbara Murphy-Warrington, x270
Lokhmattie Mahabeer, Executive Assistant, x272

Product Sales, Data & Reporting

Meridith Maskara, Chief Operating Officer, x358 
Heather Reine, Senior Manager of Product & Retail Sales, x263
Ana Santiago, Manager, Data and Recording, x351
Shaquna McQuitter, Data Reporting & Retail Specialist, x260 

Program Department

Karen Lundgard, Vice President, Girl Scout Leadership Experience, x226
Maggie Vasquez, Senior Director of Programs, x259
Tomika Rodriguez, Director of Program Development & Partnerships, x238
Vacant, After School Program Manager
Ingrid Aravena, Urban Day Camp Manager, x233
Marlinda Cesar, Manager, Teen Leadership Opportunities, x216
Sarah M. PooleySenior Manager, STEM and Business & Entrepreneurship, x234
Katherine Gadapee, Manager of Camp Programs, x 297
Peter Delaney, Camp Program Associate, x297
Giselle Burgess, Troop 6000 Program Manager
Nelly Nickerson, Program Coordinator, x214

If you are interested in collaborating with the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, please fill out our collaboration request form.

Philanthropy & External Relations

Jill Scibilia, Vice President of Philanthropy and External Relations, x247
Lindsey Cosgrove, Director of Institutional Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships, x222
Jessica Langer, Major Gifts Officer, x296
Melanie Lupo, Director of Special Events and Individual Philanthropy, x249
Sasha Thompson, Senior Associate, Special Events and Individual Philanthropy, x241
Patrick Dwyer, Associate Director of Communications  and Graphic Designer, x279
Meri Usherenko, Philanthropy Coordinator, x229


Timothy Kelleher, Interim Financial Controller, x211
Lannie Tjie, Accountant, x213
Wendy Bernardy, Account Manager, x308

Membership & Volunteer Services, Human Resources, and Council Operations

Robyn Overman, Director, Human Resources, x288
Joan Ventriglia, Director, Membership & Community Development, x244
Denorah Marcial, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist, x225
Lisa Ann Golden, Assistant Director, Volunteer & Staff Learning and Development x239
Will Velez, Manager of Office Services, x277
Espiridion Ocon, Office Services Assistant, x266

Bronx/Manhattan Service Center

Glenda Rivera, Bronx Membership Development Manager, x353
Vacant, Bronx & Manhattan Membership Services Specialist
Vacant, Bronx Community Development Specialist
Wilherne Benjamin, Manhattan Community Development Specialist, x294

Brooklyn Service Center

Deborah Dennis, Brooklyn Membership Development Manager, x359
Shannen Charles, Brooklyn Membership Services Specialist, x304
Jenna Palermo, Brooklyn Community Development Specialist, x387
Debra Foreman, Brooklyn Community Development Specialist, x357

Queens Service Center

Alida Cintron, Queens Membership Development Manager, x378
Jessica Bartlett, Queens Membership Services Specialist, x379
Vacant, Queens Community Development Specialist
Amanda Reyes, Queens Community Development Specialist, x365

Staten Island Service Center

Jennifer Scott, Staten Island Membership Development Manager, x201 
Tiffani Walker, Staten Island Membership Services Specialist, ext 206
Claudine Fitzgibbons, Staten Island Community Development Specialist, x278
Irene Maiello, Staten Island Community Development Specialist, x352

Independent Schools

Kate Nichols, Independent Schools Membership & Product Sales Manager, x209

Camp Kaufmann, Holmes, NY Office

Phone: 845.878.6846
Fax: 845.878.1049

Steve Gomez, Camp Property Manager
Jim Barry, Camp Ranger

The Shop at 40 Wall Street

By appointment only. Please email or call 212.645.4000 x358 to make an appointment.

Girl Scouts of the USA: 212.852.8000
Girl Scouts of the USA Customer Service: 1.800.478.7248
Girl Scouts of Greater New York Answering Service (For emergencies when the office is closed): 212.206.2467