Many of our badges use STEM activities in fun ways. In addition, we have several badge categories specifically relating to STEM topics.

The badges help girls build valuable technology skills; explore science topics they love like video games and roller coasters; solve problems as they use methods from fields like anthropology, engineering, and graphic design; and treating minor injuries.

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Digital arts badges:
  • Brownies: Computer Expert
  • Juniors: Digital Photographer
  • Cadettes: Digital Movie Maker
  • Seniors: Website Designer

Science & technology badges:
  • Brownies: Home Scientist
  • Juniors: Entertainment Technology
  • Cadettes: Science of Happiness
  • Seniors: Science of Style

Innovation badges:
  • Brownies: Inventor
  • Juniors: Product Designer
  • Cadettes: Entrepreneur
  • Seniors: Social Innovator

First Aid badges:
  • Brownies: First Aid
  • Juniors: First Aid
  • Cadettes: First Aid
  • Seniors: First Aid
  • Ambassadors: First Aid

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