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2017-2018 Membership Registration Forms
2017-2018 Forms: Girls

2017-2018 Forms: Adults

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  • "We're a GSGNY Family" patch form

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Trip Applications

If you wish to take your Troop on a trip, please click on the appropriate link below, and follow the instructions to send to the Council for approval.

Additional insurance must be purchased for all non-registered person(s) and for trips lasting more than two (2) nights. Trips out of the Country require approval at least one year prior to departure. Request for additional insurance must be submitted with the appropriate fee and sent to the Council at the time that this application is submitted. Registered Girl Scouts (girls and adults) are automatically covered by Girl Scout insurance for two nights or less. You will be notified of the status of your request. This application must be approved before girls proceed with further planning. 

Please adhere to the Trip Planning Timeline detailed in the Troop Resource Guide.