It's never too late to be a Girl Scout. You can join at any age. Adults 18 years of age or older can join Girl Scouts to serve as a mentor or speak at a Girl Scout event, volunteer in a troop or group, offer in kind services, or simply decide "I believe in the Girl Scout mission and want to show my support by becoming a member."

Membership is what you make it. Share your expertise or build a skill you've always wanted to develop. We're looking for members who believe in girls and volunteers who represent the diversity of New York City - women, men, college students, young professionals, senior citizens.

Please Note: By submitting this form, you will not be registered as a Girl Scout. To register you must receive a registration form from our Membership department and return it with your $15 registration fee (financial aid is available to those who qualify).

This form will be sent to the Membership department at the Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

For more information email or call 212-645-4000.

NOTE: The Girl Scouts of Greater New York will not distribute any information collected to third parties