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Girls at every level can earn badges that help develop their leadership abilities.

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Personal Leadership Identity Badges

Citizen Badges:

  • Daisies: Good Neighbor
  • Brownies: Celebrating Community
  • Juniors: Inside Government
  • Cadettes: Finding Common Ground
  • Seniors: Behind the Ballot
  • Ambassadors: Public Policy

Daisy Petals:

  • Daisies: Lupe, Sunny, Zinni, Tula, Mari, Gloria, Gerri, Clover, Rosie and Vi

Do It Yourself:

  • Brownies: Household Elf
  • Juniors: Gardener
  • Cadettes: Woodworker
  • Seniors: Room Makeover

Girl Scout Way:

  • Brownies: GS Way
  • Juniors: GS Way
  • Cadettes: GS Way
  • Seniors: GS Way
  • Ambassadors: GS Way

Healthy Living:

  • Brownies: My Best Self
  • Juniors: Staying Fit
  • Cadettes: Eating for Beauty
  • Seniors: Women’s Health


  • Brownies: My Family Story
  • Juniors: Scribe
  • Cadettes: Screenwriter
  • Seniors: Novelis


  • Brownies: Dancer
  • Juniors: Musician
  • Cadettes: Public Speaker
  • Seniors: Troupe Performer


Athlete Badges:

  • Brownies: Fair Play
  • Juniors: Practice With Purpose
  • Cadettes: Good Sportsmanship
  • Seniors: Cross-Training

Artist Badges:

  • Brownies: Painting
  • Juniors: Drawing
  • Cadettes: Comic Artist
  • Seniors: Collage
  • Ambassadors: Photographer

Cook Badges:

  • Brownies: Snacks
  • Juniors: Simple Meals
  • Cadettes: New Cuisines
  • Seniors: Locavore
  • Ambassadors: Dinner Party


  • Brownies: Potter
  • Juniors: Jeweler
  • Cadettes: Book Artist
  • Seniors: Textile Artist

Creative Play:

  • Brownies: Making Games
  • Juniors: Playing the Past
  • Cadettes: Field Day
  • Seniors: Game Visionary

Practical Life Skills:

  • Brownies: My Great Day
  • Juniors: Independence
  • Cadettes: Babysitter
  • Seniors: Car Care


It’s Your Story-Tell It! Journey:

  • Daisies: 3 Cheers for Animals
  • Brownies: World of Girls
  • Juniors: Amuse
  • Cadettes: MEdia
  • Seniors: Mission Sisterhood
  • Ambassadors: Bliss

It’s Your World-Change It! Journey:

  • Daisies: Daisy Flower Garden
  • Brownies: Brownie Quest
  • Juniors: Agent of Change
  • Cadettes: Amaze
  • Seniors: GirlTopia
  • Ambassadors: Your Voice, Your World

For more information, please contact Marlinda Cesar-Wiley.