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Badges and Journeys

Two girls on a canoe, rowing with wooden paddles.

By earning Girl Scout badges, girls at every age level learn how to use natural resources wisely, explore the outdoors, take part in fun outdoor activities, and become stewards for the planet.

To purchase badges and requirement guides, visit our online shop or visit our Award/Badge Explorer to learn more.


Adventure Badges:

  • Brownies: Letterboxer
  • Juniors: Geocacher
  • Cadettes: Night Owl
  • Seniors: Traveler

Animals Badges:

  • Brownies: Pets
  • Juniors: Animal Habitats
  • Cadettes: Animal Helpers
  • Seniors: Voice For Animals

Art in the Outdoors Badges:

  • Brownies: Outdoor Art Creator
  • Juniors: Outdoor Art Explorer
  • Cadettes: Outdoor Art Apprentice
  • Seniors: Outdoor Art Expert
  • Ambassadors: Outdoor Art Master

First Aid Badges:

  • Brownies: First Aid
  • Juniors: First Aid
  • Cadettes: First Aid
  • Seniors: First Aid
  • Ambassadors: First Aid

Naturalist Badges:

  • Daisies: Clover, Rosie
  • Brownies: Bugs
  • Juniors: Flowers, Gardener
  • Cadettes: Trees
  • Seniors: Sky
  • Ambassadors: Water

Outdoor Camper Badges

  • Daisies: Buddy Camper
  • Brownies: Cabin Camper
  • Juniors: Eco Camper
  • Cadettes: Primitive Camper
  • Seniors: Adventure Camper
  • Ambassadors: Survival Camper

Outdoors Badges:

  • Brownies: Hiker
  • Juniors: Camper
  • Cadettes: Trailblazing
  • Seniors: Adventurer

Girls' Choice Outdoor Badges

  • Brownies: Outdoor Adventurer
  • Juniors: Horseback Riding
  • Cadettes: Archery 
  • Seniors: Paddling
  • Ambassadors: Ultimate Recreation Challenge


It’s Your Planet: Love It! Journeys:

  • Daisies: Between Earth and Sky
  • Brownies: Wow! Wonders of Water
  • Juniors: Get Moving!
  • Cadettes: Breathe
  • Seniors: Sow What?
  • Ambassadors: Justice

Outdoor Journey:

  • Daisies: Outdoor Journey +Take Action
  • Brownies: Outdoor Journey +Take Action
  • Juniors: Outdoor Journey +Take Action
  • Cadettes: Outdoor Journey +Take Action
  • Seniors: Outdoor Journey +Take Action
  • Ambassadors: Outdoor Journey +Take Action

Think Like a Citizen Scientist Journey:

  • Daisies: Think like a Citizen Scientist Award + Take Action
  • Brownies: Think like a Citizen Scientist Award + Take Action
  • Juniors: Think like a Citizen Scientist Award + Take Action
  • Cadettes: Think like a Citizen Scientist Award + Take Action
  • Seniors: Think like a Citizen Scientist Award + Take Action
  • Ambassadors: Think like a Citizen Scientist Award + Take Action

Girl Scout Ranger Program

Did you know that we have several National Park Sites in New York City? Girls can explore the outdoors, and learn about the history of the National Parks through the Girl Scout Ranger Program.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Brown for Camp Kaufmann and Kristen Glass for Urban Day Camp in the City.