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Gold Award Project Ideas


What are some of the things you can do to bring a project to life? Check out some of these real project ideas from past Gold Award Candidates!

  • Conduct workshops about art, anti-bullying, etc.
  • Create educational games
  • Create a website
  • Write a blog
  • Make a video about self-love, confidence, or interviews with veterans
  • Create a PSA
  • Create a social media campaign
  • Create tutorials to teach something
  • Create a comic book
  • Put together a collection or organize a drive to create awareness on your chosen topic
  • Create activity kits for afterschool programs
  • Prepare emergency kits for families, and bring awareness about emergency preparedness
  • Organize a community festival to highlight an issue you would like to address
  • Paint schools, benches, libraries, fences, or remove grafitti
  • Makeover school bathrooms (address issues like stall doors not closing, the lack of sanitary pads, etc.)
  • Run an extreme couponing campaign for your local pantry
  • Beautify your local library, school, bathrooms, or local park
  • Create petitions for children's playgrounds to install new equipment
  • Create petitions  to create a dog park in your neighborhood
  • Plan to create a local garden
  • Start a recycling campaign
  • Conduct research and inform communities about an issue your community is facing.

For more ideas,  pleae download our 2019 Gold Award Program Booklet, featuring profiles of New York City Gold Award Girl Scouts and an overview of their projects!