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Camp Kaufmann


Fun is always in season at Camp Kaufmann!

Our 2018-2019 Get Outdoors Guide is now available! Learn more about our Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer activities at Camp Kaufmann.

Troop Camping

About Troop Camping:

Troop Camping is a weekend experience for up to 72 hours in duration, planned and carried out by a troop at camp. The troop leaders reserve housing at camp, plan for meals (buys, brings or orders her food) and plans all activities on their own (bringing their own supplies). Arrival window time on Fridays is usually 5pm – 10pm and departure time is on Sunday at 10:00am. For any camping trip, the troop must have one first-aid/CPR certified adult for each group of 44 campers. Each house or unit must have its own first aid/CPR certified adult. If you plan to use the fireplace, fire ring or seasonal unit, you will need a ‘Great Outdoors’ certified adult.

If you are staying in a lake house and do not plan on using a fire place or pit, then you will only need an adult who has taken the ‘Overnight Adventures and Beyond’ training. Troop Camping will be offered every weekend from September to May (with a few holiday exceptions). Pricing, housing options and dates are available in the Get Outdoors Guide. Remember, troop camping means you are doing your own programming, renting your own unit and cooking your own meals—all which you learned to do during your camp trainings. 

  • Add on an Outdoor Classroom: Troops can choose to enhance their experience by hiring one of our experienced counselors to run a specific activity for them. You will notice that there are different classrooms based on the season and they are offered at different rates. Outdoor Classrooms are listed in the “Outdoor Guide and registration link.  Outdoor classrooms may include; archery, low rope team building games, survival skills, campfire and s’mores, hikes, pond study and butterfly garden and sledding.
  • About Theme Camping: Theme camping is Troop Camping with a fun theme! Troops prepare, cook, serve and clean up their own meals. We provide the menu and all the ingredients, which will be waiting for you in your cabin when you arrive. We also provide Saturday programming. You are responsible for any activity Friday night or Sunday morning. Arrival window time on Fridays is usually 5pm – 10pm and departure is on Sunday is at 10:00am.  Please see the Get Outdoors Guide for all the fun themes for this year including fright fest, ski weekends among many others. 
  • Registration: To register your troop for a Troop Camping trip at Camp Kaufmann, please click here.
Ski Weekends

Troops will hit the slopes at local ski resort - Thunder Ridge! Not only does your weekend fee include lodging, food and a fun patch, but you'll  also receive a lift pass for all day on Saturday, transportation from camp to Thunder Ridge (about 10 minute ride), a ski lesson and all equipment rentals. This amazing experience also includes sledding or a winter craft at Camp Kaufmann in the morning!

For: Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors

Ski Weekend is a weekend event. Arrivals are on Friday night between 6pm – 8pm and ends on Sunday at 10:00am.  

For any camping trip, the troop must have one First-Aid Certified and CPR Certified adult for each house of 20 campers. If you plan to use the fireplace, fire ring or seasonal unit, you will need a Great Outdoors Certified adult. If you are staying in a lake house and do not plan on using a fire place or pit, then you will only need an adult who has taken the Overnight Adventures and Beyond training.

Find Ski Weekend trips here.

Summer Weekends

About Summer Weekends:

There are two ways to participate in Summer Weekend Getaways: the ‘Mom and Me’ experience (mothers or significant female adults with their daughters) or the troop experience (troop leaders with their troop). During summer weekend getaways, beds are reserved (not cabins, not houses). If your group does not completely fill a cabin, we will pair you up with other groups, or other ‘Mom and Me’ participants. This is a great opportunity for your girls and adults to meet other troops and make new friends. Please know that Daisy and Brownie troops are given first rights for a house.  Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and/or Ambassadors will be given a cabin. Please expect to share accommodations with other troops.

It is a wonderful opportunity for girls to learn how to share and contribute to a new community. Everything is included in your summer weekend experience. Each group based on their level and their program track selected will get a program itinerary. Everyone is expected to follow their schedule and experience new activities at camp. Everyone eats meals together in our dining hall (rightly named ‘Cookie Hall’—because it was built with cookie sale proceeds!).

All you have to do is show up with your bags and we will take care of your meals, activities and programming! A sample itinerary can be found in the Get Outdoors Guide. Remember, summer weekend getaways mean we are providing you with all your meals, activities and lodging. You do not need to be camp certified to participate in the ‘Mom and Me’ experience. We do ask that you have a first aid/CPR certified adult if you are participating as a troop.

Day Trips

About Day Trips:

  • Day Trips from September-May: Come for a day trip with your troop! We offer many themes including the Amazing Race, Holiday Crafts and the Talon Fest among many others! All day trips are from 10am – 3pm. The cost includes s’mores, snacks, lunch and programming. If you are looking for a specific theme related to one of the outdoor badges – we’ll be happy to put that together for you! We will customize your day trip, add outdoor classrooms and provide you with the perfect day for your troop! Please be sure to review our Get Outdoors Guide for all day trip themes.
  • Registration: To register for a day trip, please click here.

About Family Fun Sundays:

  • Family Fun Sunday from June-July: Every Sunday during Summer Camp weekends we invite the whole family for a fun day trip to Camp! Yes, we mean dad, grandma, cousins and brothers – everyone in your family is welcome to attend. For $50 per person your family will enjoy a fun filled day from 11am – 5pm.  Activities may include row boating, fishing, pool time, archery and a delicious lunch! For Family Fun Sunday dates, please be sure to check out our Get Outdoors Guide.
GIRL-only Experience

About GIRL-only experiences:

GIRL-only experiences are ‘mini-sleepaways’ that take place year-round. Girls spend a weekend at Camp Kaufmann chaperoned by Camp Counselors. The ideal campers are older Juniors, Cadettes and Senior Girl Scouts. Girls and Counselors camp outdoors, pitch tents, cook all their meals and learn impressive outdoor skills! Girl campers may be dropped off at camp Friday night from 6pm – 9pm and picked up Sunday at 10am. For an additional cost, girl campers may meet their camp counselor at Grand Central for a staff chaperoned train ride on the Metro North to camp. For cost and program descriptions and themes be sure to check out our Get Outdoors Guide.  Remember; GIRL-only experiences are for girls only, leaders and parents are not staying with the girls, they camp with our highly trained camp counselors.

Registration: To register your girl for a GIRL-only experience, please click here.

About Camp Kaufmann

Located 75 miles north of New York City in Dutchess County, Camp Kaufmann stretches over 425 acres and features a lake, an archery range, a brand-new pool, hiking trails, a frog pond, a butterfly garden, an organic garden and greenhouse, and rope challenge courses.

Each year, our camp welcomes more than 4,000 New York City Girl Scouts. A distinguishing feature of Camp Kaufmann is that it brings together urban girls from diverse background – some of these girls have never before left their own borough, let alone experienced camp. Camp Kaufmann is owned and operated by the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, and is fully accredited by the American Camp Association.

Come to Camp Kaufmann

Check out our 2018-2019 Get Outdoors Guide! It's full of activities for New York City's Girl Scouts, both here within the five boroughs, as well as at Camp Kaufmann, our Girl Scout camp in Dutchess County! 

There are lots of ways for you and girls to enjoy the outdoors. No matter the length of your experience, girls will certainly benefit from it. They can try new things, build their team-building skills, meet new friends, feel a connection to the natural world, and enjoy the fresh air.

Living in an amazing city like New York can provide so many unique opportunities, but sometimes you need to break out of the concrete jungle and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors.

For more information, please contact Yalaisa Wright.