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Girl Scout Cookies Just One Click Away as Annual Sale Goes Virtual Amid Pandemic

Girl Scout Cookies Just One Click Away as Annual Sale Goes Virtual Amid Pandemic

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NEW YORK, NY (NY1) by Amy Yensi—The pandemic has pushed entrepreneurs to come up with new ways to do business. That is true for some of the youngest cookie sales people in New York City, the Girl Scouts.

For decades, the organization has been teaching young girls about leadership and community with their annual cookie sales. Because of COVID-19, going door-to-door is not an option right now.

"I was kind of upset but we still have this website called Digital Cookie," said Girl Scout and Cookie Executive Gabriella Johnson.

As the name hints, the girl scouts are now exclusively selling their cookies online. Each cookie executive has her own personal web page, where customers can choose the kind of cookie and quantities they want. The girls had been using this option since it launched five years ago.

“What we didn’t know at the time was how important that platform would be during the year when everything becomes virtual," said Meredith Maskara, CEO of Girl Scouts Greater New York.

Gabriella Johnson and Micaylah Bearam are top sellers. The 10-year-olds from Brooklyn have adapted to selling cookies and having weekly meetings virtually. Still, they miss the face to face interaction with their fellow scouts.

“I’m an only child so I have no other sibling to play with. When im in girl scouts its fun for me to interact with girls that are my age and see what they think," said Bearam.

"I guess I would want to have a party with all of them and just do a lot of fun activities, like make hot cocoa," said Johnson.

The money generated by the cookie sales goes to fund the programs activities and initiatives in each troupes community.

If you need a recommendation on which cookies to buy, the experts have some suggestions.

“I'm the type of person who is like a plain Jane. I will eat the s’mores sometimes though,” Bearam said.

“I really like chocolate and there's also peanut butter inside it. I think Its a good combination,” said Johnson.

The cookies are available online through the end of April.