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GSGNY partners with NYC Votes

GSGNY partners with NYC Votes


Girl Scouts of Greater New York is proud to partner with NYC Votes to help eligible New Yorkers register to vote and participate fully in our democracy. Last month, the NYC Votes Youth Voter Coordinator, Summer Griffin, led Girl Scouts from Troop 6000TM through three “Days of Action” voting workshops and voter registration drives. The Girl Scouts helped register voters in homeless shelters in Manhattan and Brooklyn and earned civic engagement badges for their efforts.

Girl Scout Tiffany, age 10, from Troop 6000TM reflects on what earning this badge meant to her:

“My experience of helping people register to vote was fun. It was fun because I did it for the first time, and it was like helping out our community so they can vote for who they want to be president. I hope others get to do this too because they will probably feel the same way as me.”