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GIRL-led, GIRL-tested, and GIRL-approved

GIRL-led, GIRL-tested, and GIRL-approved


Dear Girl Scout Friends & Family,

We are delighted to announce we grew in 2017 to reach even more girls across New York City. Each year, demand from girls and their families grows and in the last decade we have grown 40%. We have grown in our troop-based model led by the more than 8,200 dedicated women and men who lead our troops and in new programs that allow us to welcome girls from under-served communities into the Girl Scout family. Programs like our new Troop 6000 program serving girls living in New York City's shelter system.

Earlier today the Boy Scouts of America announced that their board has voted to allow girls to participate. This is a development we have been following for months.  And, we have been working with councils across the country and with Girl Scouts of the USA to discuss and address this development.

As the new CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater New York, I first want you to know we will continue to put the girl first in all we do. We have also incorporated this highly anticipated decision into my planning and vision for our council. My M.A.P for the organization is focused on Membership, Advocacy and Programs.

" I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts provided me with an irreplaceable family of female role models and sisters. It was the only space I had that was dedicated to girls, by girls, and that made all the difference. I discovered my voice, my perseverance, my passions--I discovered myself, in this incredible family that empowered and challenged me every step of the way.

Courage, confidence, and character are not the only things being in an all-girl environment gave me. From STEM and Business and Entrepreneurship intensives, to a red-carpet interview with the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, my nine years as a Girl Scout have been remarkable. 

In this day and age, we girls are still fighting an uphill battle. Girl Scouts prioritizes girls, giving us, and only us, the resources and incredible support to ensure our success. 

I am a freshman at Princeton this fall. Looking back on my days with my troop, I really cannot emphasize enough how much of my accomplishments are without a doubt, due to the person I became through Girl Scouting ."

-Calista Lee, Gold Award Girl Scout 
and Freshman at Princeton University

We will continue to develop the kinds of participation opportunities that allow us to grow our membership reach to more girls, build out our advocacy efforts to be an even more influential voice on behalf of all New York City girls, and continue to create the kinds of programs that make us the premier leadership organization for girls-all girls--in the city.

Most important is this: we know Girl Scouts works for girls.  We know that girls who participate in Girl Scouts for 3 or more years complete higher levels of education, earn more money, and contribute more to their communities. Girl Scouting works in large part because we are By Girls, For Girls

That concept is perfectly exemplified in the Gold Award. My Gold Award project was to pilot a Daisy Troop in my council, back when 5-year-olds were not able to join.  Today, I'm leading one of the largest councils, with plans to grow the organization even more.

Girl Scouting is girl-led, girl-tested, and girl-approved. And it works. No announcement - from any organization - will change that!


Yours in Girl Scouting,
Meridith Maskara
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of Greater New York