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FAQs for Girl Scout Parents

Do I have to register as a member to participate?

Every participant (girl or adult) in Girl Scouting must register and become a member of Girl Scouts of the USA. GSUSA membership dues are valid for one year. Membership dues are sent by the council to GSUSA; no portion of the dues stays with the council. Membership dues may not be transferred to another member and are not refundable. 

How can my girl become a Girl Scout member?

Girls register through her local Girl Scout council. You may register her at, or attend a recruitment event in your area/school. If you find a placement online, you will be contacted by a volunteer who will work to register your daughter and link her to the appropriate troop on how she would like to participate. If you are unable to find a troop online, please contact us.

How much does it cost to be a Girl Scout?

Membership dues for all Girl Scouts are $25 annually. This entire amount goes to the national organization (GSUSA) and pays for accident insurance, program development and resources. Troops may also charge dues. Each troop decides how much and how often troop dues are collected. This money stays with the troop to pay for program supplies, activities, trips, and recognitions.

Can my girl become a Girl Scout without being part of a troop?

There are many ways girls can take part in Girl Scouting. Depending on their free time and interests, they can register individually for camp and other programs without joining a troop. If a girl registers individually, she may want to take part in one or two group events, like camp or a council-wide event.

Where and how often do troops meet? 

Troops typically meet at schools, churches, libraries, etc.  They typically meet once a week, every other week, sometimes once a month. This depends on the volunteers that will be working with your daughters’ troop, their availability and community resources available.

How old do you have to be to become a Girl Scout?

Girls can register as Girl Scouts from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Adults can register as Girl Scouts as well.

  • Daisies: K–1
  • Brownies: 2–3
  • Juniors: 4–5
  • Cadettes: 6–8
  • Seniors: 9–10
  • Ambassadors: 11–12

Do I have to buy a uniform for my Girl Scout?

While not a requirement of membership, Girl Scouts at each level have one encouraged element (tunic, sash or vest) for the display of official pins and awards, which will be required when girls participate in ceremonies or officially represent the Girl Scout Movement.

Daisies and Brownies have their own full uniform. Older girls wear their own solid white shirts and khaki pants or skirts in addition to their tunic, vest, or sash, Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts in high school can also wear a scarf that unites their look with the sisterhood of Girl Scouts around the world.

FAQs for Girl Scout Volunteers/Leaders

How can I become a Girl Scout volunteer?

It’s easy to become a volunteer! Register at and complete our online "Getting Started" orientation. Once complete, our Membership staff will work to connect you to volunteer opportunities in your area.

As a leader, where do I get information and support?

The main ways to get support are through Service Unit Leader Meetings, held 5-10 times a year (a group of volunteers and troops in the geographic area where you participate in Girl Scouting). Council staff and administrative volunteers are available to answer questions and provide information.

How do I purchase Girl Scout items?

Visit us at our Shop at Wall Street. To place an order for pick up, please make an appointment with our Retail Team or purchase items online here (shipping fees vary).

How can I find out about programs geared toward specific age groups?

Program information is emailed to our members, so be sure to include your email addresses during registration. Information is also sent out by Service Unit Managers and Volunteer Support on a regular basis. You may also see our upcoming events on the Events tab.

When does the cookie program begin and where do I get the materials for my troop?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program begins in mid-December. The materials for your troop are given out at your Service Unit Leader Meeting to be held in late November or early December. Please be sure to send your troop's cookie volunteer to that meeting to collect your troop's materials. For more information, please visit the Cookies tab.

My meeting site is requesting a Certificate of Liability – how do I get it?

Ask your meeting site contact who the Certificate Holder should be, as well as their street address, and we will issue them our Certificate of Liability.

FAQs for Girl Scout Leaders Planning a Trip

Do I have to notify Council when I'm planning a trip with my troop?

If your trip is out of the five boroughs or overnight, you must fill out the Trip Application, which is also located in the Troop Resource Guide. You also must have at least one adult on the trip who has taken the  Overnight Adventures and Beyond  training and one adult who has had  CPR/First Aid  training (they can be the same person). These certifications must be included with your trip application.

If you are taking any unregistered people on any trips you need to file for Additional Insurance, at least two weeks prior to your trip. Additional Insurance is 11 cents per person per day, with a minimum due of $5.00.

How do I apply for a free subway pass for my troop?

Complete the Free Subway Pass Application

For more information or questions, please contact Denia Cambell.

How do I take my troop to Camp Kaufmann?

Learn about all of the different ways to to take your troop to camp at Camp Kaufmann, which includes traditional troop camping, day trips, theme weekends, sleepaway camp and more. 

Can men go to camp?

Yes, men can visit Camp Kaufmann for day trips, or for our He & Me Days. They may stay overnight, but facilities for men are limited. For more information, please contact the Camp Team