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Registration Instructions

We're so glad you're ready to join Girl Scouts!

Before you continue, here are some quick tips to make the registration process as smooth as possible:

Finding a Troop

After clicking on "Continue" below and filling out your basic information, you'll find our girl opportunity catalog, where you can search for troops in your area or find a specific troop. (Hint: make sure to remove the zip code when typing in a specific troop number.)

If you’re unsure of which troop to pick, choose “Unsure” and a staff member will be in touch shortly to help you find the right troop. If you can't find the specific troop you're looking for, choose “Unsure” and type in the troop number and troop leader’s name.

If you wish to join a troop within New York City's five boroughs, but input an address outside of New York City, your information will not be available in our system. Therefore, please use a New York City address when filling out your basic information.

Can't find a troop?

Girls can join Girl Scouts as an Individually Registered Member; otherwise known as a Juliette. You will be able to participate in a way that fits your schedule or needs. Juliettes are not affiliated with a specific troop, but have a variety of participation options that can be matched more closely to your girl’s time and interest. You can earn badges and awards, sell cookies, participate in program events, and more! Juliettes add another dimension to Girl Scouts, which helps to assure that Girl Scouting is for every G. I. R. L.

Search by troop number in MYGS for Troop00001 to join Juliettes.

Adult Registration

If you're looking for how to join as an adult member, please click here.

Before paying for your membership, please note:

Financial Aid may be available.

You will be able to request Financial Aid after you have completed troop selection. To submit the request, be sure to continue to the end of the registration process. Once the request is received, you will get an email with a short survey that must be filled out before you can receive any Financial Aid funds. 

Your membership is considered pending until your Financial Aid request is reviewed and approved.

Once a membership is purchased, we are not able to provide refunds unless a duplicate membership was purchased. 



For more information, please email Customer Care or call 212-645-4000 and we'll be happy to help!