29 Sep

How to Boost Cookie Sales With Lessons From the Coca-Cola Giant

By DeAndra Forde, Senior Girl Scout

My favorite stop during our 2012 Girl Scout Troop Trip was World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. It dawned on me that I could increase my cookie sales this year by leveraging the 4 U’s that I learned from the cola giant. In case you don’t know, the 4 U’s of Coca-Cola are:

1. Unforgettable taste
2. Uniform quality
3. Universal availability
4. U - You, the customer

Like Coca-Cola, the taste of Girl Scout Cookies is unforgettable - so this year, we will host a cookie tasting during our booth sale to get more customers trying and buying new flavors.

The uniform quality of our cookies is one of the reasons people across the country love our cookies. When they see the distinctive boxes, they know it’s Girl Scout Cookie time! Instead of posters, we can make a giant-size cookie box that people recognize from a distance.

We can also do more to make our cookies universally available by marketing the cookies through different channels: e-mailing friends and relatives, setting up booth sales, participating in Corporate Cookie Connections, and sending cookies to our military troops away from home.

Finally, the most important U of all is YOU! It is the support of our customers that make
Girl Scout Cookie sales so rewarding.

I can’t thank Doctor John Pemberton, the Founder of Coca-Cola, enough for giving us wonderful soft drinks. I also recall that Coca-Cola was one of the proud sponsors of the
52nd National Girl Scout Convention in Houston. As Girl Scouts, we really need to give Coca-Cola a huge thank you and should use their valuable lessons to sell more cookies!

Ivana says:
2012-10-05 19:35:14

That is so cool. I wish I would of been there. I bet it was a great experience

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