20 Jan

Talking to your girls about other girls' decision to march - today and tomorrow

Dear Girl Scouts,

Over the past 48 hours we have received numerous emails and calls from parents, leaders, and community members about the decision of the Girl Scout Council in Washington DC, Nation's Capital, to participate in inaugural events and also our decision not to participate as a council.

Please know that we are sharing all of your messages with GSUSA and the DC Council.

Among other things, we are being asked: how do I talk to my girl(s) about the decision to march, both today and tomorrow? While we are trying to individually respond to leaders and parents, as appropriate, we want to share with you the gist of how we are responding:

Our organization is strong because it is diverse, and our girls benefit from that diversity. However, with diversity comes the possibility of different viewpoints. We are seeing that play out very clearly now: some girls and troops decided to participate in today's events, others have decided to participate tomorrow. All of them are passionate about their participation... we respect their right to choose for themselves and to be passionate about that choice. Thankfully, we live in a country where people are free to express their political views and to engage civically and civilly without repercussions.

We may not know, nor understand, the reason why a girl would choose to walk today or tomorrow, but as a movement, we must support her right to make that choice and reaffirm for her the importance of being civically engaged. And simultaneously, we must seek to create the places and spaces within our hearts and minds to reach across our differences to find common ground upon which we can continue to prepare our girls to be courageous, confident, and of good character so that they can be the change they want to see in the world. That is the message we should be passing on to our daughters and troop members.

I know these are challenging times, but together we can change that for the better of all humanity -- that's what is at the core of Girl Scouting. So let's continue to teach our Girl Scouts to raise their voices and take action. They are our future, and they hold the hope for a better world. Today, let's encourage them to do that.

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Barbara Murphy-Warrington
CEO, Girl Scouts of Greater New York

Imagine a new generation of leaders who lead in a new way;
who lead out of principle rather than pride;
who step across barriers of class and race every day;
who seek out the work that needs doing in the world;
and who bring boundless energy to every challenge.
They are today's Girl Scouts!

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