12 Sep

The Best Girl Scout Experience of My Lifetime

By Lauren Tinglin

I have recently experienced the most enlightening journey since I joined Girl Scouts as a Daisy. My troop and I visited The House of Juliette Gordon Low for the second time. My first visit was when I was a Junior. Somehow, this recent trip to Savannah, Georgia for the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting felt extra special. I learned so much about the origin of Girl Scouts and Juliette. Three characteristics of Juliette better known as Daisy that really struck me were her perseverance, her positive attitude, and the sacrifices that she made for her girls. One example of Daisy's perseverance resulted from her not hearing the word "no". Part of the reason she did not hear the word "no", was that a she had an operation that the surgeon messed up terribly leaving her almost deaf, but the other part is that she just wouldn't take "no" for an answer. When she was pitching the idea of renaming the organization from "Girl Guides" to "Girl Scouts", a general was against the idea because the name was too closely related to the Boy Scout organization. Nonetheless, Daisy completely disregarded his opinion and changed the name anyway. Secondly, Daisy's positive attitude is what really kept the Girl Scout organization going. An example of that was in 1929 when the Great Depression hit and money was scarce. Juliette could have just given up, but instead she was resourceful and used nature to create fun activities for the girls to enjoy. Lastly, Daisy would sacrifice anything for her girls. She had a beautiful pearl necklace that was worth a lot of money, and instead of her keeping it for herself she sold it and used the money to buy the girls the tools that they needed. Perhaps the reason I can appreciate our visit more the second time around is because I am older now. What I know for sure is that I am prouder than ever to be a Girl Scout!

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