20 Dec

My Participation in the Girl Scouts’ National Ad Campaign: An Amazing Experience


By Regan Sims, Ambassador Girl Scout from Troop 3054

When I joined the Girl Scouts of Greater New York seven years ago I knew I was going to have a great time with my fellow Girl Scouts; what I didn’t expect back then was that my participation in this wonderful organization would open up such fantastic opportunities to me. The most recent opportunity was my participation in the Girl Scouts’ newest marketing effort: I am currently featured in several commercials for the new Cookie Campaign.

The experience on the set of the commercial was incredible – and everything I had hoped it would be. Six girls were scheduled to do the shoot that day, and by the time the director got to my part of the commercial I was a little nervous (I assume anyone would be if a huge camera was suddenly pointed at them), but also completely ready for it. I guess it was partly due to the crew: they were very nice and patient with us and made us feel comfortable and excited to be a part of the shoot. The director was great to work with, too. Between him and the crew my job was even easier and more fun than I had expected it to be!

The shoot took about two days, but it was not just the time we spent on the set: the whole process of creating the new cookie box and campaign was extraordinary. I traveled to different offices and met with a lot of people who were working on the campaign, discussing what should be on the new cookie boxes. I talked with many girls about the things we do these days: not just cookie selling and camping, but environmental projects, public speaking, and kayaking, for example. The marketing research process took a long time, but it was completely worth it because I got to learn many new things – for example, how to discuss and share new and innovative ideas and how to present myself as a professional.

Participating in this process of putting the PSA together was exciting and empowering, because you get to see how many people are involved with and support Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the world. It was wonderful to see so many people completely dedicated to getting the Girl Scouts’ main message across: that it isn’t just about the cookies we sell, but about the leadership skills we obtain while selling them.

I was honored to be part of this message because it’s absolutely true. At Girl Scouts, we develop a lifetime supply of skills that will help us every day of our lives. The most important one I learned from being a Girl Scout and from participating in the PSA production is people skills. This is very important for me because I want to be a professional actress when I grow up and I know that obtaining good people skills is key in this profession. You have to know how to talk to people and how to use feedback and criticism to improve yourself.

A main message of the Girl Scouts is that you should make yourself into the best person you can be, and at this point in my life I am really beginning to see how this applies to so many things that I do. It helps me to push myself and to take leadership roles and encourage my friends to step out and be leaders themselves.

Another lesson I take away from Girl Scouts is the importance of reaching out to my community. I’ve worked on many projects that aimed at raising awareness and at educating my community about the world around us. My Silver Award project focused on raising awareness about the tragedy of the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2011. I organized seminars and talked about how people could help to support children that had been devastated by the disaster. I organized a meeting for people to come in and make bracelets for the children that needed encouragement; on the bracelets were phrases that gave them hope. This project gave me a chance to learn how to do research and how to organize and plan things on my own.

I am proud to say that I am a Girl Scout, and I am glad I decided to become one because it gives me hope for my future. I know that many of the top businesswomen in this country were once Girl Scouts and that reassures me that my generation, too, can rise to the top and to make a difference in this world. I want to encourage all the girls my age and say – girls rule!!!

Mary Kay Gallagher says:
2013-01-02 20:43:35

how can I find someone to sell me cookies? Flatbush, Brooklyn 196 Marlborough Roiad

Girl Scouts of Greater New York says:
2013-01-04 16:45:31

Hi Mary Kay, You can be notified about upcoming opportunities to purchase cookies in your area by signing up for alerts through the Cookie Locator at this link: http://cookielocator.littlebrownie.com/ Thank you for supporting New York City Girl Scouts.

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