21 Apr

In Honor of Our 9,000+ Volunteers

In honor of Volunteer Recognition Day, which was celebrated yesterday on April 20,  let us share with you one quote that simply expresses what our  volunteers, many of whom are troop leaders, accomplish throughout the year:

“A good leader is someone who works with others to make things happen.”
-- Anne, age 17, Girl Scout Senior

Our volunteers engage girls in discovering themselves and their values, connecting with others locally and globally, and taking action to make the world a better place.

As we look ahead, rapid change seems inevitable, affecting all of our lives.  To face the future with hope and strength, our girls will need to be skilled, confident, centered, and open to the full range of human experience.  This is where our volunteers’ contributions are so pivotal and important to the future of our Girl Scouts.  Our 9,000+ volunteers are the people the girls can count on to help them pave the way into the future -- no matter what it holds.

The Board of Directors, Council staff, and the 27,926 girls we serve thank our volunteers and supporters for their incredible generosity in the form of the time they share with our girls; the ideas they develop to teach and encourage our girls; the responsibility they take so seriously to care for each and every precious girl; the love they lavish on the girls to help them grow into confident, inwardly beautiful young women; and the spirit with which they help today’s girls become tomorrow’s leaders.

Warmest regards,

Rose Littlejohn
Board President

Barbara Murphy-Warrington
Chief Executive Officer

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