13 Jun

A Father's Day Message from Our CEO

Dear Friend of the Girl Scouts:

This Sunday, we celebrate Father’s Day, a national holiday honoring the 70 million men in America who play pivotal roles in the lives of their children.  We at the Girl Scouts of Greater New York applaud the crucial contributions of the men who help make Girl Scouting possible in NYC.

Increasingly over the past 100 years of Girl Scouting in New York, fathers have played a role in making Girl Scouting possible and, for the last few decades, have joined the Girl Scouts to directly support their daughters’ Girl Scouting goals, projects, and initiatives. They have taken on roles as troop leaders, volunteers and board members. These fathers have “cheered-on” their daughters’ exploration of new adventures at our Camp Kaufmann, and they provided invaluable support for their daughters’ community projects in the form of hands-on help, managerial advice, and encouragement. It is this involvement that ensures that the nearly 28,000 girls we serve from every corner of the city can participate in our programs, build leadership skills, and improve their communities.

GSGNY Board Member Todd Guenther (right, with his daughter) grew up in a family of four boys, and he saw that boys and men had unlimited options available to them.  Now that he’s a father to two girls, he wants to ensure that his daughters and all other girls have the same opportunities.  “Girl Scouts provides girls with leadership training skills that will help them pursue their future goals,” Todd says. “Becoming a Board member was a terrific way for me to help contribute, and to open up Girl Scouting to a larger community.”

When Ed Halligan (top, left) wanted to enroll his daughter in Girl Scouts, he found that no troops in his area had room for her. “My daughter was interested in being a Girl Scout,” says Ed, “but there was a waiting list…so I was encouraged to start our own troop.” He and Lauren Hartnett stepped up to the plate and started Troop #558 for Ed’s daughter and 14 other girls. Ed is grateful for the opportunity to be engaged in supporting his daughter and helping to prepare girls for the future.

This Father’s Day, we celebrate the men who support and encourage their daughters--to flourish into women of courage, confidence, and character, who will make the world a better place.

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Barbara Murphy Warrington
Chief Executive Officer

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