07 Mar

Recognizing International Women's Day: March 8, 2014

On March 8, 2014, the Girl Scouts of Greater New York will join with the world to celebrate International Women's Day.  First recognized by the United Nations 39 years ago, International Women's Day - with its 2014 theme, Inspiring Change - recognizes women's advances as well as the tremendous work still to be done to improve women's lives throughout the world.

Some of this work is bearing fruit in places like Saudi Arabia, where a new law has allowed women to join the retail workforce, something previously reserved for men.  Tens of thousands of jobs have opened up for women who can now enjoy more independence - and their presence in stores has boosted retail sales.

Elsewhere, the news is not yet encouraging. For example just 29% of Indian women over the age of 15 are in the workforce.  And, although the United States has come a long way, women here occupy too few leadership positions across our society (e.g., women make up only 18.5% of the United States Congress and hold just 14% of C-Suite positions in business.

We see these challenges as presenting opportunities for Girl Scouts to continue to make important contributions to our country by helping more girls overcome the barriers they face. Initiatives such as our STEM programs prepare girls for cutting-edge careers; our cookie program prepares girls to be entrepreneurs and teaches financial literacy; and our leadership programs encourage and inspire future CEOs.  And the girls we serve experience all of this while building new friendships and having fun.

For more information about how we're supporting our girls in building their futures, click HERE.  We do this work thanks to the dedication of our nearly 9,100 adult volunteers and support of our many friends.

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