06 Dec

2012-2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program

By Barbara Murphy-Warrington, CEO, Girl Scouts of Greater New York

Dear Girl Scout Family,


During this holiday season, we'd like to express our gratitude to you and your troop for all your efforts that made the 2011-2012 Cookie Program a great success. Last year we sold 1,226,006 boxes - a 13% increase over the previous year. Because of your hard work, these funds have empowered us to expand programs, make improvements at Camp Kaufmann, and eliminate old operational challenges.


This year, we are learning that, even in the face of adversity, staying focused on our mission allows us to respond to rapidly-emerging needs in our community. Many Girl Scout troops have shared details about the initiatives and volunteer projects they participate in, helping those communities hardest-hit by Sandy. I cannot thank you enough for embodying who we are as Girl Scouts and what we do when our communities need our help.


During our Fall 2012 Corporate Cookie Connection (CCC), Girl Scouts sold 14,008 boxes of cookies - despite the fact that we had almost half as many sales locations as a result of Sandy.  As always, these cookie sales proceeds are used to fund local Girl Scouting here in our City - a worthy goal in and of itself. But this year, we also were able to support Sandy relief efforts through our Operation Cookie drive by designating 1,873 boxes of cookies for people heavily impacted by the storm. The idea to change the Operation Cookie program for the Fall CCC event, which usually provides cookies to service personnel and others, originated with Staten Island Troop 5327 and its Leader, Toni Morrissette. We are grateful to Toni and her troop for this wonderful idea. Also, our customers gave $2,348.93 in unsolicited contributions (by saying "keep the change" or "keep the cookies but take this change"), and our Girl Scouts communicated to our customers we would give those contributions to The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City to help Sandy relief efforts.  Thanks to the girls' efforts, we have already received press coverage on ABC NewsNBC News, and the Wall Street Journal.


We now have the opportunity to come together once again and rally to sell cookies to support the great work we do.  The Initial Cookie Sale, beginning on December 14th, is a fantastic opportunity to fund our wonderful programs.  We believe the holiday season, and the strong support New Yorkers are exhibiting for our organization, will provide very positive energy for our Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Our customers are eager to support our efforts through the purchase of Girl Scout Cookies.


Above all else, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is our opportunity to teach girls the lessons they will use to become tomorrow's leaders: lessons about flexibility, adaptability, recovering as quickly as you can, ethically responding to the needs of customers, and giving back when people are hurting. We have the chance to show our Girl Scouts and our community what we can do through our collective endeavors.


Our goal of 1,300,000 boxes is obtainable, not aspirational. This year you have been gifted with a unique opportunity to build a sense of community with our cookies; not just within our Girl Scout family, but throughout the New York City area. Your role in this success cannot be overstated. With every box, your troop can look further into the future with us and do more for our mission than we ever thought possible.


Yours in Girl Scouting,


Barbara Murphy-Warrington

CEO, Girl Scouts of Greater New York

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