29 Jul

Girl Scouts Get in the Business Game (NY Daily News: Video)

Teens pitch savvy business ideas to investors as part of the Girl Scout Leadership Institute, including an idea to revolutionize bandages.  The New York Daily News website recent ran a video story about this initiative.  To view the video, watch below, or click HERE to visit nydailynews.com.  You may also scroll down to read a transcript.

Mia: The most powerful thing an entrepreneur can have is imagination. Stamp-Aid takes an old-fashioned Band-Aid and creates a fun, new experience.

3 Girls: All it took was a little imagination.

GSGNY CEO Barbara Murphy-Warrington: When I was a girl, I never had this experience.  I don’t think I would have had the self-confidence or the ability to do what I see these young ladies doing, so I am absolutely amazed.  So, they’ve taken a problem in their lives, something that agitates them, and they’ve looked for a solution.  And it’s an incredibly innovative solution, and one that will help, I think, take the whole Band-Aid industry to the next level.

Dakota: We’re pursuing a patent so we don’t want to give too much away.   I knew that Band-Aids, just, my mom just yelling at home because it’s so complicated just to put on a Band-Aid.

Mia: She said that she was really stressed about, like, putting on Band-Aids and stuff.  It got her annoyed, so this is our idea for it.

Barbara Murphy-Warrington: They’re pitching to business people, to angel investors, social investors, the business people, their idea to get the practice and the experience of what it takes to sell your business idea.

Dakota: I feel just amazing.  I’m just so happy.  I didn’t know that a stupid idea of mine could just turn into something like this.

Barbara Murphy-Warrington: Girls have said that they need role models, that they learn best, particularly from seeing women who are successful in the workplace who are doing it.  And so we at Girl Scouts understand that importance, and we create that, we build that into all of our programs.   We can start priming the pipeline, so to speak, and working with girls, and helping them understand that they can do it.

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