Join the Trefoil Society

Your support will help us deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to more than 29,000 girls ages 5 to 17 this year. Here’s what your investment can do:

$1,000 Trefoil Member

Delivers the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to 4 Girl Scouts for an entire year

$2,500 Bronze Member

Sends 18 girls to Camp Kaufmann for a weekend of hiking, boating, swimming and nature

$5,000 Silver Member

Supplies 25 Girl Scout Troops for STEM programs such as robotics and engineering

$10,000 Gold Member

Sponsors Environmental Leadership programs for 115 girls in Camp Kaufmann’s Frog Pond, MetLife Butterfly Garden, and Rita’s Organic Vegetable Garden

$25,000 Pearl Member

Serves 1,500 girls in under-served communities with Business & Entrepreneurship programs this year

For more information on becoming part of this special group, please call Sarah Vaughan at 212.645.4000 x296 or email