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a_wMeet Asha, our 2012 Future Woman of Distinction 

A member of Brooklyn Troop 2696, Asha exemplifies why Girl Scouts is so important in today’s world. Her words: “If it were not for Girl Scouts, I would not fully appreciate the value of service to others.”

This from a bright young girl who is an honor roll student, editor of her high school’s literary magazine, and active in music and sports. But to truly become the kind of woman Asha hoped to be, she needed more. Through our STEM programs, Asha took courses in science and engineering and learned this would be her future. She met leaders in business and industry and saw what it took to be successful.

Along the way, Asha learned something equally important: the value of giving back. Asha noticed a lack of interest in higher education in her community and she addressed this need by starting a program that recruited girls for the Girl Scout College Prep Program. It was tremendously successful, earning Asha the Gold Award, the highest honor in all Girl Scouting. Asha is but one example of many – girls who would never get the opportunities to grow and do great things were it not for Girl Scouts.

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