d6a6963a871321a1abd1b1ba55fe858b"I don't know where I would be without Girl Scouts. It has given me countless opportunities from meeting celebrities, earning awards, badges, and patches to speaking to other troops about my experience in this amazing organization." Carolina, 2011 Gold Awardee, 2010 Future Woman of Distinction

Watch NYC Girl Scouts Speak About Their Gold Awards

Girl Scouting invests in you. We do this is so many ways but, by far, one of our most popular and cherished is our Awards program. Through the program, we give you unique opportunities to develop yourself by using your creativity, talent and compassion to reach out to others in need, both locally and globally.

Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are the currency of this investment, representing your chance to make a difference for people in areas such as social services, healthcare, education and .any number of other arenas.

These awards are the highest honors Girl Scouts can receive, but just by working toward one of these awards is often rewarding enough. You can begin to know yourself better and realize what you’re capable of doing, explore the world and connect with others and your community on deeper levels, and, ultimately, bring hope where often there is none.

Girl Scout Gold AwardGirl Scout Gold Award

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn. The award takes service to an entirely different level and there’s few better examples of that than Carolina Torres. Carolina’s Gold Award project was called “Take Control Today…Be Healthier Tomorrow.“ This wonderful project saw Carolina run a health fair where nurses took people’s vital medical signs such as blood pressure and glucose. Afterwards, as an encore, Carolina returned home to the Dominican Republic where she visited an orphanage and donated boxes of toys, clothes and food. Learn more.

Girl Scout Silver Award

Girl Scout Silver Award

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. Rebecca is a prime example of what it takes to earn such prestige. Rebecca is in the 8th grade and a member of the leadership team at the Girl Scout Scholars Program. A camper at Camp Kaufmann for the past 5 years, she is a Girl Scout Program Aide and a Volunteer in Training. She started a tutoring program for students who attend the Christ Lutheran After School Program and. organized a nature hike for Girl Scouts to teach them about hiking safety and preparation. Learn more.

Girl Scout Bronze AwardGirl Scout Bronze Award

The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve and Emma, a 5th grader, went above and beyond to earn her bronze.  Here’s what she did: Emma helped a non-profit organization to feed children in need in the Westerly, Rhode Island area; she collected food station for the summer program, distributed flyers requesting food donations in the local library and at lemonade stands; and volunteered each week at the W.A.R.M. Center, which provides shelter and meals to the homeless. Learn more.