STEM Program-in-a-Box


Girls Go Techbridge
The Girls Go Techbridge program provides you with content knowledge and communication and teamwork experience related to science and engineering. Techbridge allows you to discover the thrill of using the engineering design process to create your own projects and connect with women engineers in exciting careers.

Design Time
This program combines your love of play and creativity with the engineering design process. You start by customizing pencil bags and creating unique bubble wands and bubble solution. You brainstorm and work collaboratively to sketch toy ideas, build prototypes of toys, and create marketing plans. Using job descriptions from Techbridge career cards and scientific inquiry, you start to develop real life skills and greater confidence in your science, engineering, and technology abilities. For more information and to order a Design Time Program-in-a-Box, please click HERE.

Engineers to the Rescue
Survival skills meet science as you design water filters, wind-powered cranks, a message-carrying car, and safe shelter for your troop’s imaginary camping trip in Yellowstone National Park. After an earthquake strikes your fictional campground, you apply engineering, problem-solving, and design savvy to solve problems.  For more information about the Engineers to the Rescue STEM Program-in-a-Box, click HERE to download a flyer.

For more information, contact Sarah Pooley, Manager, Youth Leadership & Volunteer Support, at 212.645.4000 x234 or