National Program Portfolio STEM Badges


STEM badges:

Many badges use STEM activities in fun ways. For example, the Cook, Artist, and Athlete legacy badges all involve STEM. In addition, several new badge categories specifically relate to STEM:

  • Activities linked to the Digital Art badges help girls build valuable technology skills. These badges include Computer Expert (Brownies), Digital Photographer (Juniors), Digital Movie Maker (Cadettes), and Website Designer (Seniors).
  • Science and Technology badges connect girls to science topics they love, from the development of video games and the physics of roller coasters to the technology used to create new fabrics. These badges include Home Scientist (Brownies), Entertainment Technology (Juniors), Science of Happiness (Cadettes), and Science of Style (Seniors).                
  • As girls earn their Innovation badges, they solve problems by using methods from many fields such as anthropology, engineering, graphic design, and business. These badges include Inventor (Brownies), Product Designer (Juniors), Entrepreneur (Cadettes), and Social Innovator (Seniors).        
  • The First Aid badges teach girls how to get help in an emergency, treat minor injuries, and give first aid for life-threatening injuries and illnesses.  These badges are all called First Aid (Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors).
For more information, contact: Nicole WeitznerCoordinator of Younger Girl Programs (212) 645-4000 ext. 222