Financial Assistance


Download the Membership Financial Assistance Form.

A Membership Financial Aid Request Form must be completed and signed by the Leader of any troop seeking financial assistance for the Annual Membership Registration Fee with Membership dues. The Girl Scouts of Greater New York has never denied a girl membership in the Girl Scouts because her family is unable to pay the membership fee.

If you are aware of adult volunteers experiencing financial hardship, we want to assist them. While the Girl Scouts of Greater New York has limited funds, we believe in ensuring every girl and volunteer who wants to be a Girl Scout can join.

If a Troop Leader is aware of family/families in her/his troop that are experiencing hardship, they may be eligible for financial assistance. Please complete the form here, sign it and attach it to the registrations and Membership Dues Summary Form for your troop.

Girls and adults requesting financial assistance for must indicate this on their registration form by writing "FA" on the form.  All information is kept confidential.