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"Camp Kaufmann will always be in my heart. Besides making lots of new friends, meeting great role models, and getting a chance to connect with nature, I also had a chance to learn what leadership is about. I will always look forward to going back." Rosie

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Things to do in the local area
If you love the outdoors, you’ll love our camp programs. Our Camp Kaufmann in upstate New York is a great place to participate in fun activities, build long-lasting friendships, and learn the skills you’ll need as a leader. 

Troop Camping
Troop leaders may take their girls camping for a weekend to Camp Kaufmann from September- May. Troop camping is a weekend event up to 72 hours in duration, planned and carried out by a troop at camp. The troop leaders reserve the housing and plan for meals and activities. For any camping trip, the troop must have on certified first-aid and cpr certified adult for each group up to 44 campers. Each house or unit must have its own first aid/cpr certified adult. If you plan to use a fireplace, fire ring or seasonal unit, you need a camp certified adult (see training section). If you are staying in a lake house and do not plan on using a fire place or pit, then you will only need an adult who has taken the Overnight Adventures and Beyond training. Transportation is not provided for these weekends.

Outdoor Classrooms for Troop Camping
Troops can choose to enhance their experience by hiring one of our experienced counselors to run a specific activity for them. You will notice that there are different classrooms based on the season and they include different prices and lengths. New this year, we are introducing program patches for each of these classrooms. If this is your first time participating in these programs you will want to purchase a base patch for each of your girls. They are available at our camp trading post for $8.50 each. They will receive a free patch at the end of each of their outdoor classrooms, which can velcro onto the base patch!

“Do-It-Yourself” Programs in a Box for Troop Camping
Troops can choose to enhance their experience by renting a program in a box for the weekend. Each season features different boxes. These boxes include all of the programs you will need for the weekend including earned badges for the group.

Special Events
These events are open to all ages. We provide the troop with all of the activities, food and supplies for the weekend. The food and menu will be provided for each troop. The troop will prepare their meal and will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves. We always include a SWAP making station and actual swapping time, so girls can get to know girls from other troops during these weekends. Transportation is not provided for these events.

Girl-Only Weekends
This is an independent experience for older girls. Girls come without their leaders or moms and meet girls from other troops. The girls are provided everything including: programming, transportation, food, experienced counselors and more. Girls work towards specific badges and Journeys.

Day Trips
Girls can enjoy these trips with their moms or with their whole troop (sometimes even their families). These programs are great way for girls to enjoy camp for the first time! All of the programming, supplies and food are provided. Transportation is not.

Summer Weekends
Spend summer weekends swimming, fishing, boating, and having a great time. Come prepared to meet new people and have amazing experiences.

Mini Sleep-Away 
If you’re between the ages of 9 and 17, come away with us to sleep-away camp where we’ll help you learn to climb a tree and build your confidence. Sleep-Away Adventure Camp offers girls the chance to experience a world of adventure and discovery. Girls will spend their days learning leadership skills, making friends, and sharing the excitement of going away with other girls.

Camping events organized and operated by Troop Camp-certified adult volunteers from a geographic subdivision of the council (i.e. a borough or service unit) in which several troops participate. The program is planned and implemented by volunteers; some of the planning and scheduling may be done by the individual troops. 

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Karen Lundgard - 212.645.4000 x226