Meet Our Supporters


rose-for-webRose Littlejohn
Juliette Low Society Member; Board President, Girl Scouts of Greater New York

“I am a member of the Juliette Low Society because it is important to me to join others in showing my life-long commitment and dedication to the Girl Scouts of Greater New York. Juliette Low’s  work will inspire Girl Scouts for many generations to come, and I am truly humbled knowing that when I leave this earth, I can continue this inspiring journey that Juliette started for us back in Savannah in 1912.”

73dcb739724d90aaee401c725a41be51 Janet Nettleton Otto
Juliette Low Society Member; Former Board Member, Girl Scouts of Greater New York

"Over the years, I have seen how Girl Scouting changes the lives of New York City girls - helping them grow into tomorrow's leaders by building their courage, confidence and character. As we celebrate our 100th Anniversary, joining the Juliette Low Society is the perfect opportunity for those who are passionate about our mission to help secure the future of Girl Scouting for the next 100 years."

0342395f470fd095ad4aca6758969296 Dawn McEvoy

Juliette Low Society Member; Troop Leader; Service Unit Manager; and Bronx Program Committee Chair

"I joined the Juliette Low Society because it was a very simple and easy way to show my love for and commitment to the Girl Scouts. I want to be sure when I am no longer here that there is something left from me for them."


gillian-for-webGillian Murray
Juliette Low Society Member; Girl Scout Leader 

“As a former Girl Guide and as a Girl Scout Leader, I became a Charter member of the Juliette Low Society because it is my way of giving back to the movement that nurtured me to become the confident woman that I am today.”

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