Corporate Cookie Connection


Corporate Cookie Connection is a one-day event, held in the fall and again in the spring, during which corporations and businesses welcome our New York City Girl Scouts into their buildings to sell Girl Scout Cookies in their lobbies and cafeterias. As always, all of the proceeds will remain in New York City to fund local Girl Scouting, and $0.65 per box goes directly to the seller’s troop/group.

Our Fall 2015 event will take place on
Tuesday, November 3, 2015 – Election Day 

We gratefully acknowledge all of our hosts, including our publicly-listed sponsors, below. 

Address Hours
Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue 10am - 2pm
One Grand Central Place at 60 East 42nd Street 10am - 2pm
1333 Broadway 10am - 2pm
1350 Broadway 10am - 2pm
1359 Broadway 10am - 2pm
1400 Broadway 10am - 2pm
112 West 34th Street 10am - 2pm
250 West 57th Street 10am - 2pm
968 Third Avenue 11am - 3pm
420 Fifth Avenue 11am - 3pm
501 Seventh Avenue 10am - 2pm
601 Lexington Avenue 11am - 3pm
199 Water Street 11am - 3pm

Are you a building manager interested in participating in our Spring 2015 Corporate Cookie Connection? Email Heather Reine at for additional information.