STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Programs


From performing mind-boggling experiments to participating in exciting workshops about technology, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities give you a hands-on opportunity to learn about new and emerging fields in science and technology. You don’t need to be a science whiz or a computer nerd to get excited about these fascinating subjects.

STEM programs and workshops are for everyone. Join in on the fun, push your boundaries, look at the world around you with inquisitive eyes, and fast-forward into the future.

Why STEM for girls?

According to The Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI):

  • Girls like STEM – 74% of teen girls are interested in STEM, particularly the understanding how things work, problem solving, doing hands-on activities, and asking questions.
  • Girls who are more interested in STEM fields have greater exposure to STEM through someone in a STEM career and have had more exposure through STEM extracurricular activities.
  • Although interest in STEM is high, few girls consider it their number one career choice, given competing opportunities and interests.  81% of STEM-interested girls express interest in a career in a STEM field - however only 13% say that it is their first choice.
  • More statistics may be found HERE.