Cookie University


Cookie University

As you may know, the Girl Scout Cookie Sale is the largest girl-led Business & Entrepreneurship program in the world. Through their cookie sales, Girl Scouts learn five essential skills that equip them to succeed in school, work and beyond:

  • Money Management
  • Decision Making
  • Goal Setting
  • People Skills
  • Business Ethics

We have developed the Cookie University program as a way for girls to develop and build on these skills through engaging in fun, hands-on interactive activities centered around the Cookie Sale and learning from older girls, who have Cookie Sale experience, when possible.

In Fall 2012, we launched our first-ever Cookie University and Cookie University Mentor Training. At Cookie University Mentor Training at ING Direct Café, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors had the unique opportunity to learn from and engage with professionals from a range of fields such as Business, Finance, Marketing, Customer Service and Sales. They learned about these fields and what it takes to work in them successfully. They also gained invaluable firsthand knowledge and skills that they can apply to selling cookies and planning for their future careers. Girls also worked together to design a plan for sharing their newfound knowledge and skills with Brownies at our Cookie University.

At Cookie University at The Cooper Union, Brownies learned from Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors about how to succeed in their cookie sales. The older girls taught and mentored the Brownies and shared the invaluable knowledge and skills they gained at their workshop and their own cookie sales experiences. Brownies developed and built on their knowledge and skill sets in the areas of Goal-Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics. They "graduated" from Cookie University ready to tackle and excel in their entrepreneurial endeavors!

In addition to offering these special initiatives, we have developed Cookie University curricula for Daisies (click HERE to download curricula, and click HERE to download a webinar) and Brownies (click HERE to download curricula, and click HERE to download a webinar), and a Cookie University Mentor Training curriculum for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors (click HERE to download), we are also developing a Cookie University curriculum for Juniors, which we will also be making available for download very soon.

These curricula are meant to serve as guides for Troop Leaders and Parents to offer the Cookie University program either to their troops at their troop meetings or for them, their Borough Program Committee and/or Service Unit to organize their own Multi-Troop, Borough-Wide or Service Unit events.

Leaves and Badges

Daisy Cookie Business leaves teach girls how to set sales goals and how to agree on what to do with their cookie money, as well as communicate goals to their customers.  Leaves include Count It Up and Talk It Up.

To earn Cookie Business I badges, girls learn how to talk to customers, count change, set goals, write a mission statement, create a cookie resume and more!  These badges include Meet My Customers (Brownies), Cookie CEO (Juniors), Business Plan (Cadettes), My Portfolio (Seniors), and Research & Development (Ambassadors).

Cookie Business II badges instill in girls the importance of giving back to help others, engaging in consumer research, developing marketing tools, inspiring customer loyalty and understanding business finances.  Badges include Give Back (Brownies), Customer Insights (Juniors), Marketing (Cadettes), Customer Loyalty (Seniors), and P&L (Ambassadors).

The Cookie Business III badge brings Cadettes to a whole new level by leading them to apply their financial literacy skills to their cookie businesses and plans.  This badge is called Think Big.

For more information, contact Sarah Pooley, Program Manager of Youth Leadership Opportunities, at 212.645.4000 x234 or