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Girl Scout Cookie table/booth sales to the public will begin in Spring 2016. Sign up through the Cookie Locator below to receive alerts as sales are scheduled in your area. Thank you!

No Mobile Phone? You can also use the website version of the Cookie Locator here.

Cookie Locator for iPhone® and Android™

d301f70b208b9a11a79029cc148d9ab0 Now your Girl Scout Cookies are just an app away!

  • Search for sales in your neighborhood
  • Get details on your favorite Girl Scout Cookies
  • Have fun and find your Cookie Personality
  • It's FREE!

The free Cookie Locator lets you find cookies on sale close to you. Use your phone's GPS location to find cookies nearby, or find cookies by ZIP code, city, or state. You can map your way to a cookie booth or share results with friends. Add the sale details automatically to your calendar so you remember to stop by and stock up on your favorites.

Simply call 

(**472665437) from your mobile phone.

The next best thing to eating Girl Scout Cookies is having fun with them! Use Cookie Locator to discover your Cookie Personality. Touch your favorite cookie, and you'll learn why it's a taste you crave. Love Samoas? Maybe it's because you're "brainy, complex, and mysterious." Share your Cookie Personality and more with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and via email.

Remember to sign up for email alerts so you always know when Girl Scout cookies are on sale near you.


Download in the Android Marketplace or call **GSCOOKIES (**472665437) from your mobile phone.


Download in the iTunes Store or call **GSCOOKIES (**472665437) from your mobile phone. 

Other web-enabled devices

Even without an iPhone or Android, Cookie Locator is available for your Web-enabled smart phone. Go to Or call **GSCOOKIES (**472665437) from your mobile phone.