4f11584810031bc8a935b142a9bb9a83 “I sold over 1,300 boxes of cookies because I wanted to be the #1 seller in my area. Selling is hard at first, but meeting nice people who become friends and helping my troop and the soldiers overseas really motivates me to sell. I've become a much more confident person from selling.” Olivia


A Cookie Can Buy the Experience of a Lifetime

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country and generates immeasurable benefits for girls who participate.

Learning Life Skills – the 5 Skills
Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls develop five essential skills that help them become strong leaders:6d041f1f60f23806a53d9900b9c5a49a

  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Money Management
  • People Skills
  • Business Ethics

Making It Count, Right Here in New York City
All of the proceeds – every penny – from the Girl Scout Cookie Program in New York City remain in the five boroughs and fund the Girl Scout Leadership Experience locally. This revenue benefits the Girl Scout troop/group treasury ($0.65 per box) and subsidizes local Girl Scout program costs.

Money from Girl Scout Cookies helps Girl Scouts of Greater New York:

  • Provide the financial assistance to make Girl Scouting available for all girls.
  • Recruit and train volunteer adults to work with girls.
  • Improve and maintain Camp Kaufmann, our camp in Dutchess County, and other activity sites.
  • Keep program/camp fees for all members to a minimum.
  • Sponsor special events, projects, and more.