Famous Formers


Since 1912, nearly 50 million women in the United
States have become members of the Girl Scouts

It's no surprise, then, that many of those young girls went on to become accomplished professionals in a variety of fields.

Girl Scouting lays the foundation for a solid future. Girls are offered a splendid opportunity to develop their leadership abilities, polish their problem solving and critical thinking skills, and learn how to function as team players.

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Barnett, Martha W. - former President of the ABA
Bellamy, Carol - Executive Director, UNICEF
Betanzos, Amalia - President/CEO, Wildcat Service Corp
Biggins, Veronica - Assistant to President Clinton
Chavez-Thompson, Linda - Executive Vice President, AFL-CIO
d'Harnoncourt, Anne - Director, CEO, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Diaz Dennis, Patricia - VP, Gov't Affairs, Sprint, Former FCC Comm
Dole, Elizabeth - former President, American Red Cross
Falk, Susan - President, Express (clothing retailer)
Fernandez, Lillian - former Director, Int'l Affairs, Pfizer, Inc
Fields, Pam - Mrs. Fields Cookies Founder
Fine, Deborah I. - CEO, Victoria’s Secret PINK
Futter, Ellen V. - President and CEO, American Museum of Natural History
Germain, Adrienne - President, International Women’s Health Coalition
Heifer, Ricki Tigert - former Chair, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Juliber, Lois - President, Colgate Palmolive
Katen, Karen - Vice President, Pfizer
Marram, Ellen - former President, Tropicana
Moore, Ann S. - former Chairwoman and CEO, Time Inc.
Nelson, Marilyn Carlson - Chairwoman and CEP, Carlson Companies, Inc.
Newkerk, Deborah - President, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi
Powell, Alma J. - Vice Chair, America’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth
Roddick, Anita - Founder of The Body Shop
Williams, Kimberly A. - COO, NFL Network
Yardis, Pam - President, Nat'l Organization of Mgmt. Consultants


Arnold, Sarah Louise - Dean of Simmons College
Ellis Alexander, Marianne - ED, Public Leadership Education Network
Fox, Muriel - Chair, NOW Legal Defense & Education Fund
Hatwood Futrell, Mary - former President, National Education Association
Jones, Elaine - Head of NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund
Kamakakuokalani Ainoa Brandt, Gladys - Hawaiian Educator
McAuliffe, Christa - Teacher and Astronaut

McGuire, Patricia - President, Trinity College
Murphy MacGregor, Molly - ED, National Women's History Project
Scott, Gloria - Educator

First Family

Bush, Laura - Wife of President George Bush, Jr (43rd President)
Carter, Rosalyn - Wife of President Jimmy Carter (39th President)
Clinton, Chelsea - Daughter of Bill Clinton (42nd President)
Gore, Tipper - Wife of former VP Al Gore
Hoover, Lou Henry - Wife of President Herbert Hoover
Johnson Robb, Lynda - Daughter of Lyndon B. Johnson (36th President)
Johnson Turpin, Luci - Daughter of Lyndon B. Johnson (36th President)
Kennedy, Ethel - Wife of Robert Kennedy (Presidential candidate)
Mondale, Joan - Wife of former VP, Walter Mondale
Nixon, Pat - Wife of former President Richard Nixon (37th President)
Nixon Cox, Trisha - Daughter of Richard Nixon (37th President)
Nixon Eisenhower, Julie - Daughter of Richard Nixon (37th President)
Quayle, Marilyn - Wife of Former VP, Dan Quayle
Reagan, Nancy - Wife of Ronald Reagan (40th President)
Rodham Clinton, Hillary - US Senator & Wife of Bill Clinton (42nd President)
Wilson, Edith - Former First Lady, wife of Woodrow Wilson


Albright, Madeleine - former US Secretary of State
Babbitt, Hattie - former US Ambassador, Organization of American States
Barshefsky, Charlene - former US Trade Representative
Boggs, Corrinne C. - former US Ambassador to the Vatican
Browner, Carol - former Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
Collins, Martha Layne - former Governor of Kentucky
Collins, Susan - US Senator for Maine
Coone, Jane - former US Ambassador to Bangladesh
Fenwick, Millicent - former US Representative to UN Food & Agriculture Org
Ferraro, Geraldine - former US Representative for New York
     and VP candidate
Gillibrand, Kirsten - US Senator for New York
Grasso, Ella - former Governor of Connecticut
Herman, Alexis M. - former US Secretary of Labor
Hills, Carla - former US Trade Representative
Hutchinson, Kay Bailey - US Senator for Texas
Kassenbaum, Nancy - former US Senator from Kansas
Kirkpatrick, Jeanne - former US Ambassador to the United Nations
Klimova, Rita - former US Ambassador, Czech & Slovak Federal Republic
Lowey, Nita - US Representative for New York
McCarthy, Carolyn - US Representative for New York
Mink, Patsy - former US Representative for Hawaii
Mosley-Braun, Carol - former US Senator for Illinois
Mikulski, Barbara - US Senator for Maryland
Murray, Patty - US Senator for Washington
Ray, Dixie Lee - former Governor of Washington, Chair of the
     Atomic Energy Commission
Reno, Janet - former US Attorney General
Richardson, Margaret M. - former IRS Commissioner
Sauve, Jean - former Governor-General of Canada
Schroeder, Pat - former US Representative for Colorado
Shalala, Donna - former US Secretary of Health and Human Service
Stabenow, Deborah - US Senator for Michigan
Swift, Jane - former Governor of Massachusetts

Health, Science & Tech

Brothers, Joyce, Dr. - Psychologist; Radio & TV Personality
Bodar, Roberta - 1st. Canadian woman in space
Collins, Brenda - Child Psychologist
Collins, Lt Col Eileen - 1st Woman Space Shuttle Commander Astronaut
Davis, Jan - Astronaut
Fisher, Anna, Dr. - Astronaut
Hughes Fulford, Millie, Dr. - Former Astronaut; Head of Research Lab
Jemison, Mae - Astronaut
Jernigan, Tamara, Dr. - Astronaut
Resnick, Judith - Astronaut
Ride, Sally, Dr. - Astronaut, first woman in Space
Rosenweig, Cynthia - NASA Research Scientist
Seddon, Rhea, Dr. - Astronaut
Sharman, Helen - First British woman in space
Sullivan, Kathryn, Dr. - Astronaut
Thornton, Kathryn, Dr. - Astronaut


Day O'Connor, Sandra - Associate Justice, US Supreme Court

Law Enforcement

Berry, Linda - FBI Agent
Walls, Juanita - FBI Agent
Watson, Elizabeth - Houston Police Chief


Bartiromo, Maria - Anchor, CNBC
Braver, Rita - Correspondent, CBS News
Chen, Joie - CNN reporter
Couric, Katie - T.V. News Anchor
DelBarco, Mandelitte - News Broadcaster, National Public Radio
George, Phyllis - Miss America 1971 and Actress
Hart, Kitty Carlyle - Actress
Hopkins, Jan - Anchor, CNN Financial News
Jones-Reynolds, Star - TV Anchor and Author
Moriarty, Erin - TV Reporter, CBS "48Hours"
Norville, Deborah - Host of "Inside Edition"
Pauley, Jane - TV reporter and Journalist
Savage, Terry - Columnist, TV Talk Show Host
Shipman, Claire - White House Correspondent, NBC News
Sweeney, Anne - President, Disney/ABC Cable Network
Switzer, Catherine – TV Sports Reporter
Walters, Barbara - Anchorwoman of ABC "20/20"
Wafts, Rolanda - Former Television Talk Show Host
Woodruff, Judy - Anchor & Senior Correspondent, CNN


Allison, Jacqueline - Rear Admiral/Navy
Edmunds, Jeanette - Colonel, US Army War Reserve
Elliot, Carol C. - Brigadier General, USAF
Engel, Joan - Rear Admiral, Director, Health & Safety
Fishburne, Lillian - Rear Admiral/Navy
Frost, Kathy - The Adjutant General of the Army
Johnson, Joyce - Rear Admiral, Director, Health & Safety
McGann, Barbara - Rear Admiral/Navy
Paige, Kathleen K. - RADM, VSN
Stierle, Linda - Brigadier General
Widnall, Sheila - US Secretary of Air Force--retired
Williamson, Myrna, Gen. - Retired Army General

Performing Arts

Anderson, Melissa Sue - Actress (Little House on the Prairie)
Anderson, Marion - Singer
Arroyo, Martina - Soprano
Ball, Lucille - Comedienne
Bergen, Candace - Actress (Murphy Brown and Boston Legal)
Bergen, Polly - Actress
Black, Shirley Temple - Actress and US Ambassador
Breslin, Abigail - Actress
Carey, Mariah - Singer
Carlisle, Kitty - Actress
Carter, Lynda - Actress (Wonder Woman)
Cass, Peggy - Actress
Chafee, Susy - Entertainer
Danner, Blythe - Actress
Davis, Bette - Actress
Davis, Kristin - Actress
Dee, Sandra - Actress
Dion, Celine - Singer
Fanning, Dakota - Actress
Fisher, Carrie - Actress, Author (Star Wars trilogy)
George, Phyllis - Actress
Hatchett, Glenda - Judge and T.V. Personality
Hayes, Helen - Actress
Holm, Celeste - Actress
Hudgens, Vanessa - Actress
Kain, Karen - Prima Ballerina
Kelly, Grace - Actress
Lamour, Dorothy - Actress
Lewis, Shari - Puppeteer
Lucci, Susan - Actress (All my Children)
Merchant, Natalie - Singer
Mouse, Minnie - Actress
Norman, Jessye - Opera Singer
Palmer, Keke - Actress
Reynolds, Debbie - Actress
Rivers, Joan - Comedian and TV Personality
Rivera, Chita - Actress
Shore, Dinah - Actress
Star, Brenda - Singer
Stewart, Martha - TV Personality; Martha Stewart Living
Swift, Taylor - Musician
Thomas, Marlo - Actress
Tiegs, Cheryl - Model
Turner, Kathleen - Actress (Romancing the Stone, War of the Roses…)
Tyler Moore, Mary - Actress (Mary Tyler Moore Show)
Warwick, Dionne - Singer
Witherspoon, Reese - Actress


Arias, Anna Marie - Assoc. Editor, Hispanic Magazine
Edwards, Virginia - Editor, Education Week, and President,
     Editorial Projects in Education
Eng, Phoebe - Publisher, "A" Magazine
Fiore, Mary - Managing Editor, "Good Housekeeping" magazine
Moore, Ann - Publisher, "People" magazine
Santiago, Esmeralda - Author
Taylor, Susan - Editor-in-Chief, "Essence" Magazine
Wolf, Wendy - Senior Editor, Harper Collins
Ying, Mildred - Food Editor, "Good Housekeeping" magazine


Ackerman, Valede - President of the WNBA
Bell, Judy - Former President, US Golf Association
Blair, Bonnie - 1994 Olympic Gold Medalist, Speed Skating
Caponi, Donna - Golfer
Chaffee, Suzy - Skier; World Freestyle Skiing Champion 1971-73
DeFrantz, Anita - Attorney, Int'l Olympic Committee; 1976 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Rowing
Evans, Janet - 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist 800m Freestyle
Fawcett, Joy - US World Cup Team 1999
Fleming, Peggy - 1968 Olympic Gold Medalist, Figure Skating
Griffith-Joyner, Florence - Olympic Gold Medalist, Track and Field
Hamill, Dorothy - 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist, Figure Skating
Green, Tina Sloan - President, Black Women Sports
Joyner-Kersee, Jacqueline - 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist, Long Jump
Linkin, Nastia - Olympic Gold Medalist, Gymnastics
Lobo, Rebecca - WNBA Basketball Player
Lopez, Nancy - Pro-golfer
MacMillan, Shannon - Women's World Cup Member
Marquis, Gail - Olympic Silver Medalist, Basketball; Basketball Commentator
McPeak, Holly - Beach Pro Volleyball
McTiernan, Kerri-Ann - 1st Woman Coach Men's Basketball
Powell, Renee - 1st African American Golf Player on LPGA
Richardson, Donna - Fitness Expert
Redman, Susie - Pro-Golfer
Rigby-Mason, Cathy - Olympic Silver Medalist, Gymnastics; TV Commentator
St. John Deane, Bonnie - Paralympic Silver Medalist, Skiing
St. James, Lyn - Auto Racer; 1992 Indy 500 "Rookie of the Year"
Thompson, Jenny - 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming
Williams, Venus - Tennis Pro
Vanderveer, Tara - Women's Basketball Coach


Bombeck Erma - Author
Bloodworth-Thomason, Linda - Writer; TV Producer
Dove, Rita - 1993 US Poet Laureate
Gaudette, Marie - Writer/Songwriter/Poet
Homes, A.M. - Author
Landers, Ann - Advice Columnist
Steinem, Gloria - Author
VanBuren, Abigail - Advice Columnist
Viorst, Judith - Author of poetry collections, children books 


Bourke-White, Margaret - Photographer
Brandon, Barbara - Cartoonist
Elizabeth II - Queen of Great Britain (Girl Guide)
Gist, Carole - 1st African-American Miss USA
Goodman, Linda - Astrologer
Guisewaite, Cathy - Cartoonist
Princess Anne - Olympian and President of Save the Children (Girl Guide)
Princess Margaret - former Princess of Great Britain; charity worker (Girl Guide)

Saun, Kara - Fashion Designer, Project Runway, Season 1

Wang, Vera - Fashion Designer and Style Maker
Whitestone, Heather - Miss America 1995