Girl Scout Leadership Institute


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Ninety-five percent of girls want to change the world for the better, 94% want to be role models, and 91% believe they have the skills to be leaders. Yet 90% of these same girls reported that men are more likely to lead in both corporations and Congress and 60% believe that women can rise up in a company or organization, but will rarely be “put at the top.” (Statistics courtesy of ToGetHerThere: Girls’ Insights On Leadership, Roper Research Findings, 2012)

The Girl Scout Leadership Institute-NYC (GSLI-NYC), a new Girl Scouts of Greater New York initiative, ensures that girls gain leadership skills and have significant access to successful female role models so that today’s girls can become tomorrow’s leaders.

GSLI-NYC was launched in summer 2013 and helps girls in 9th through 12th grades from New York City’s five boroughs to unlock their leadership potential in order to foster a new generation of leaders who act with courage, confidence, and character to drive systemic changes and reform in their communities and, ultimately, the world at large.  

For more information on the Girl Scout Leadership Institute, contact Karen Lundgard at 212.645.4000 x226 or